Watch: Freaky ‘Deep-Fried Fingers’ Award-Winning Animated Short


"Would you like to hear today's specials?" Who's ready for some finger-lickin'-good food tonight?! This super dark comedy animated short is called Deep-Fried Fingers and it's made by a 24-year-old filmmaker from Wales named Daniel Greenway. I don't want to scare away anyone by saying this is a vegan PSA, but it's definitely the kind of film that will make you rethink what you eat. And that's a good thing! As much as they try to hide it, it is the truth. Don't worry, just accept it, be disgusted. This film works best as a thought-piece not necessarily because of the technical aspects. The animation is a bit simplistic, but it's still a biting (heh) short. Featuring the voices of Ruth Pownall, Dee Harris, Daisy Hobbs, & JP Wright. Dinner is served. ›››

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