Anna Kendrick accused of MEAN behavior as she ‘refused to speak to stylist’ and ‘demanded $10K to wear clothes’

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PITCH Perfect star Anna Kendrick has been accused of mean behavior, as she “refused to speak to her stylist” and “demanded $10,000 to wear clothes” from a brand. 

Tik Toker I Am Tahira posted a video yesterday where she rated celebrities, including Kim Cattrall and Emilia Clarke, when she worked as a stylist at Barneys New York. 

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Anna Kendrick has been accused of mean behavior


A Tik Tok star gave Anna a -100/10 rating

When she got to Anna, 35, she rated her a -100/10 and called her a “terrible person.”

When followers flooded the comments asking about her experience with the Pitch Perfect star, Tahira delivered by posting two videos.

She claimed in the first video: “In 2016, right before I started working with Barneys, I worked for a different brand. She had a book signing at my store and my job was to pull a few options for her to wear at the signing. 

“She comes, I’m walking her through the rack, she won’t speak to me, that’s strike one. I’m asking her, ‘Do you want to wear pants or do you want to wear a dress?’ She won’t say anything. She talked to her PR lady and her PR lady was like, ‘Can I speak to you outside?’”

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The stylist claimed Anna demanded $10,000 to wear the brand’s clothes

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Tahira also claimed Anna refused to speak to her

Tahira continued to allege: “She’s like, ‘If you guys want her to wear a look… $10,000.’ What? Not my decision! I’m just here to pull the look. Let me get you the PR team. That was strike two.”

She explained in the comments that Anna ended up wearing her own clothes. 

She then said her job also included collecting fan mail, letters, gift cards, drawings, paintings and more from fans. 

At the end of the event when she gave her three bags of fan mail, she claimed Anna responded: “I don’t look at that stuff.” 

She also claimed her publicist at the time told her to “trash everything.”

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Anna, pictured at the book signing, allegedly had fan mail thrown out

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Anna allegedly said she ‘doesn’t look’ at fan mail


The stylist said the fan mail was ‘heartfelt’

In part two, she said: “The fan mail we collected was so heartfelt. Heartfelt letters and gift cards to her favorite places, drawings, paintings, scrapbooks from times when they met her before, it was so nice and all of that went into the trash. 

“If you went to visit this girl on her book tour and you gave her a gift from your heart you should know it went in the garbage. I would never support anything this chick does. Never.”

She then went on to tell a story of when she ran into her two years later at Barneys. 

Her colleague was helping her because Tahira tried to “avoid her like the plague.”

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Anna also allegedly got ‘nasty’ when another stylist didn’t know who she was

Tahira alleged: “She says ‘I had no idea who she was and she got so nasty with me because I didn’t know who she was.’”

She ended the video with: “Nasty!”

Followers commented on the video with similar experiences with the Twilight star. 

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Followers shared stories with similar experiences

One claimed: “She’s stayed at my hotel while filming a movie… I can confirm this attitude is for real and happens on the regular.”

A second alleged: “I worked at Sundance one year and she was equally as awful. Not friendly to anybody, especially fans who waited hours to see her.” 

Others were shocked over the claims. 

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Fans expressed their ‘dissapointment’

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One commented: “Throwing out all the fan mail is so mean, she wouldn’t be anywhere without her fans…”

Another said: “That’s literally so disappointing… I love her.”

A rep for Anna did not respond to The Sun’s request for comment. 

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