Aqara Smart Camera Hub G2H comes with security features and smart home automations

Aqara Smart Camera Hub G2H 01

The Aqara Smart Camera Hub G2H is a gadget that’ll help you feel safer at home and more connected to your family. It’s equipped with vibration, motion, door and window, and water leak sensors. And the device will send you notifications if these Aqara sensors are triggered. Furthermore, it features a 140-degree wide lens and 1080p HD camera for high-quality images that capture any movement. Therefore, you’ll have peace of mind when you leave your home unattended. And you can also track specific zones, so you’ll only receive alerts when there’s interaction in these areas. This helps to minimize alerts, so you can concentrate at work. But it’s not just for safety. This smart gadget features AI facial recognition, so you can receive notifications when your family members arrive home. Alternatively, use the Smart Camera Hub G2H as a smart home hub for home automation and as a remote control.

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