Bruce Springsteen was ‘swaying, glassy-eyed and smelled like booze’ before cops arrested him for DWI in New Jersey park

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DESPITE claims that he only had two shots of tequila, Bruce Springsteen was reportedly “swaying, glassy-eyed and smelled like booze” when he was arrested for DWI.

The rockstar was busted in November of last year, resulting in the cancellation of his new Superbowl commercial.

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Bruce was allegedly “glass-eyed” and inebriated

In legal documents gathered by TMZ, Bruce, 71, was visibly intoxicated though he claimed to have had very little to drink.

The police report read that the Born To Run singer was “glassy-eyed, swaying and reeked like booze” during his citation.

After taking photos with a group of fans, one reportedly offered the singer a shot of Patron, which he took promptly before hopping on his motorcycle and revving the engine.

An officer watched the entire spectacle before pulling Bruce over.

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The legendary singer had pulled over to greet some fans

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He took a shot of Patron with the admirers before hopping back on his motorcycle

Police informed the legendary performer that “drinking was prohibited” in the New Jersey Gateway National Recreation Area park.

Though Bruce claimed he only had two shots of tequila before riding, the officer noticed that the 750 ml bottle of Patron was completely empty.

Due to his altered appearance, the cops then asked the Jersey native to go through a field sobriety test.

The results elucidated that the performer was swaying and took 45 steps when asked to take 18.

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Bruce claimed to only have had two shots

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He refused the breathalyzer test

Bruce was also asked to take a breath test, but he refused.

A source close to the international star reached out to the NY Post earlier today to give insight on the situation.

The insider explained that a group of fans noticed the father of three on his bike, and asked him to stop for a photo.

After taking a few pictures, they “offered him a shot of liquor which he took while sitting on his bike, which was stationary,” the source explained.

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The musician only had a blood-alcohol level of .02

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He was still cited as intoxicated

“Park Police saw what happened and they immediately pulled Springsteen over as he drove away.”

The insider also claimed that Bruce’s blood-alcohol level was 0.02 at the time of arrest, heaps lower than the New Jersey legal allowance of .08.

The Rock and Roll legend was cited for driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, and consuming alcohol in a closed area.

As this was Bruce’s first DWI, the Thunder Road vocalist was allegedly cooperative with the police.

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Bruce was featured in Jeep’s Superbowl campaign

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He drove an old Jeep in Kansas

Though the arrest took place months ago, word surfaced after the musician took part in Jeep’s Superbowl Commercial campaign.

The promotion featured the Born in the U.S.A. singer offering words of unity to the American people.

The advertisement aired during the game on Sunday, and Bruce urged viewers to  “meet in the middle” in order to dispel the socio-political tension that has plagued the country of late.

While driving an old Jeep in the dead center of the country, he urged civilians to find a common ground “between freedom and fear.”

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The singer called for unity in the United States

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The commercial was removed after the news of his arrest broke

The classic American singer ended the advertisement with the words: “There’s hope on the road up ahead.”

Jeep removed their Superbowl campaign following word of Bruce’s arrest, due to the irony of the situation.

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Titled The Middle ft Bruce Springsteen, the commercial is now absent from Jeep’s website, Youtube and Twitter accounts.

On the video sharing platform the page reads: “Video unavailable. This video is private.”

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