Celebs Go Dating’s Kimberly Hart-Simpson is unrecognisable in throwback with ‘NO eyebrows’ and dark hair

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CELEBS Go Dating’s Kimberly Hart Simpson looked unrecognisable in a throwback with “NO eyebrows” and darker hair.

The Coronation Street star, 34, joined the E4 series hoping to find love and was open to dating men as well as women.

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Kimberly Hart Simpson looked unrecognisable with darker hair

The actress, who is known for having blonde luscious locks, looked worlds apart before she shot to fame.

The star gave her fans a glimpse of her natural darker hair revealing that she’s made a few beauty faux pas in her time.

Wearing a khaki dress and a chunky gold chain necklace, Kimberly joked that she had “no eyebrows”.

Posing next to a pal on a night out, she wrote: “I like a straight fringe and curly hair.”


The actress is known for having blonde locks

Her friend posted: “WHERE’S OUR EYEBROWS GONE?”

The star showed off her noticeably thin eyebrows and complimented her look with plenty of rosy blush powder and pink lipstick.

The actress looks miles apart from her current appearance on the dating show.

Kimberly has been keeping fans entertained with her blossoming romance with Dream Boy Shane.

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The star joked about her beauty faux pas

Things get hot and heavy between the pair earlier this week when they got the key to the mansion’s cottage for an extra special date.

She told The Sun: “There was a sleepover, we shared the same bed for the first time in the entire experience.

“It didn’t get physical, loads of kissing and snogging, absolutely loads of that, but I do that with the boy daily anyway.

“But nothing beyond that, because sometimes it’s just best to leave the mystery!”

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Kimberly is currently on a mission to find love on the E4 dating show

Despite sparks flying between the pair in the cottage, the actress insisted that the pair didn’t get X-rated under the covers because it was their first night alone.

“I mean obviously the cameras are there, but to be honest with you, I wouldn’t have done it regardless because it’s our first night together,” she told us.

“I’m that deep person, I wanted to delve more into spending the connection together in a quiet environment, rather than it be about sex and I know he’s definitely felt the same way.”

Last month, The Sun revealed there is a ‘sex cottage’ on the grounds of the estate where the stars can take their dates, similar to Love Island’s Hideaway.

Kimberley Hart-Simpson/Instagram

The star enjoyed a night in the ‘sex cottage’ with love interest Shane

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A source said: “Getting a night in the Hideaway has been a staple of Love Island and it’s led to saucy scenes.

“With no show on this spring, Celebs Go Dating bosses thought they’d make the most of it and have let their stars use the cottage for some private time.

“They told the cast that if they have a connection they will be granted an overnight stay, but they have to show they’re serious and not just up for some nookie.”

The show was given an overhaul to ensure that it could be filmed safely, and it’s resulted in the most dramatic series to date.

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