Family Drama ‘Sometime Other Than Now’ Trailer with Donal Logue


"I have to know I was moving towards something, not away from it…" Gravitas Ventures has debuted an official trailer for Sometime Other Than Now, a tiny indie written and directed by Dylan McCormick. "A story about second chances, redemption and love." Donal Logue stars as an aging man who finds himself stranded in a small New England town. But it turns out he's there because his estranged daughter Audrey lives there – the daughter he hasn't seen her in 25 years. As he tries to bridge the gap between the little girl he left long ago and the woman who grew up without her father, Sam learns that he was never cut-out to be emotionally connected to anyone – unless he falls in love with another soul just as lonesome. Also starring Kate Walsh, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Amy Hargreaves, David Aaron Baker, Alexa Swinton, Sarah Jes Austell, and P.J. Marshall. This looks like a very sweet, wholesome film about family and loneliness. ›››

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