Gemma Collins breaks down in tears and reveals ‘suicidal thoughts’ amid Arg’s drug battle- calling him ‘love of my life’

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GEMMA Collins broke down in tears as she admitted to having “suicidal thoughts” after splitting from James ‘Arg’ Argent, going on to call him the “love of her life”.

The 40-year-old star did not hold back during tonight’s appearance on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, where she spoke candidly about their romance.

gemma tears2
Gemma broke down in tears as she discussed Arg on Life Stories

Gemma admitted that Arg’s cocaine addiction tore apart what they had, and that she felt so low over Christmas 2019 that she considered taking her own life.

She broke down after seeing a picture of Arg from when he was at his healthiest, telling Piers: “For anyone who ever thinks about taking drugs, or just trying it for one night, you can end up getting addicted.

“I was really happy with James. We did get on, but the drugs changed him as a person. I fought every day for three years to get him well.”

The host asked: “What was the lowest moment for you?”

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The on/ off couple’s romance has been rocky over the years

gemma tears
She admitted to host Piers that she was suicidal over Christmas 2019

Sobbing, Gemma replied: “I have felt suicidal… I think when my relationship broke down with Arg, that affected me. I just thought, I don’t wanna be here anymore. I can’t take it.

“Christmas was an all-time low. I saved his life three times, I had this insatiable love for him – I never wanted to give up on him.”

Addressing her miscarriage at the start of 2020, Gemma went on to admit that she would have happily had the baby with Arg.

She added: “It was hard, there was a lot of love there – the relationship turned very, very sour because of the drugs.”

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She said that Arg is the love of her life
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Gemma said that it was Arg’s cocaine addiction that ruined their relationship

Piers then said: “He is the love of your life really, warts and all”, to which Gemma nodded in agreement before quietly affirming: “Yeah.”

The pair have battled a toxic on/ off relationship for years, with Gemma revealing nasty text messages from Arg in July that saw him call her a “fat f**k” and a “hippo”.

However, The Sun revealed earlier this month that the pair are giving their romance another go after he completed a stint in rehab for cocaine addiction.

A friend told us: “They are spending every waking moment together. James has supported Gemma through some tough times in these last few months and she’s doing the same with him with his battle with sobriety and his weight.

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