GMB viewers praise Kate Garraway for ‘tough’ Matt Hancock interview as she reveals she hasn’t seen husband in TWO months

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GOOD Morning Britain viewers praised Kate Garraway for her “tough” Matt Hancock interview after revealing she hasn’t seen her husband in TWO months.

The presenter, 53, explained she had been absent from the morning news show as her own health declined while husband Derek Draper remains in hospital following his coronavirus battle.

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Kate Garraway was praised for her interview on Good Morning Britain

However, Kate dived straight in the deep end today as she grilled Health Secretary Matt Hancock alongside Ben Shephard.

The line of questioning was close to Kate’s heart as her husband deals with the aftermath of his severe infection with coronavirus.

She grilled the Health Secretary on his long term plans for long Covid – where people experience health difficulties long after suffering from the virus – asking: “Are you confident that people are accepting that long Covid exists?

“Of course we have to prioritise saving lives, of course we have to prioritise saving lives. But I’m worried we’ve got a second pandemic of people with huge damage around the corner and what plans are you making now for that?”

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Derek has been in intensive care since last March

Mr Hancock said he understood the magnitude of long Covid and the issue was “close to his heart”, adding: “We have put significant resources into research to try and understand the causes.

“And there appear to be a whole series of different syndromes that cause different symptoms that all amount to long Covid that comes from whether you’ve had the disease. And in fact whether you’ve had it seriously or not.

“Because I know that Derek had it very, very seriously, but also some people who don’t end up in hospital, don’t have particularly severe initial symptoms end up having those symptoms stay with them for months.”

Kate addressed Imperial College research, which found a cough, high temperature and loss of taste and smell “isn’t helpful” as people are suffering damage from Covid-19 without those symptoms.

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She grilled Matt Hancock on long Covid

Kate said: “If you go on to any government website or to any situation where you need to find out facts it says symptoms [are] cough, temperature or loss of smell.”

She added: “I don’t think that has been helpful in looking at how people have suffered and died or indeed how it’s spread. What are you doing to address that?”

Mr Hancock said they are still the main symptoms, but the government has set out a list of other symptoms.

Kate then interrupted with: “It’s time to review that then? Derek never had a cough, he never had a temperature.”


She returned to GMB today alongside Ben Shephard

The Health Secretary said they will “keep that under review”, to which Kate pressed: “So you will review symptoms then? I worry how many live shave been lost by discouraging people to go to their GP if they haven’t got those.”

Mr Hancock encouraged viewers to go to their GP if they are ill as the doctor “will know the longer list of symptoms of Covid”.

Fans heaped praise on Kate for the interview, with one person saying: “air play to kate garraway being able to ask Matt Hancock questions directly. She has first hand experience of the effects covid has and she needs answers. Huge admiration for her.”

Another added: “kate garraway doing some great work this morning. Always good to get a respectful interview. Without an agenda or bias of own views.”

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Derek is still in hospital despite fighting off the virus

A third remarked: “Well done @kategarraway what a fantastic interview with @MattHancock, You need to be a government advisor they need to listen more from those who have lived and continue to live with it! @piersmorgan when your PM make Kate Garraway the Heath secretary!!”

Kate explained earlier in the episode that ITV had given her time off after feeling poorly amid her difficult work circumstances.

“ITV gave me time off as I hadn’t been feeling well,” she explained. “The chickens came home to roost after long year, and I just took some holiday at home. I had a lot of sleep and medicine and feeling much better.”

Kate also revealed her heartache after being unable to see husband Derek since Christmas.

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She said: “I haven’t been able to see him since Christmas, we’re back into situation of looking at strangers in masks.

“That’s the situation for everybody at the moment. It’s tough. When you’re someone like him, dealing with a consciousness problem and trying to emerge, I can’t help but fear it’s not helpful.

“There’s no end in sight to that. There’s no one to blame or be angry with. It’s tough.”

Kate shares kids William, 11, and Darcey, 14, with her husband Derek.

Derek was hospitalised with coronavirus in March last year and, despite fighting off the disease, is still in intensive care.

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