McIntosh MHA200 headphone amplifier is a treat for your headphones

McIntosh MHA200 2 Channel Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier 01

The McIntosh MHA200 headphone amplifier is great for music-lovers. Featuring a versatile set of connectivity options—including balanced inputs and outputs—it connects to a range of headphone types. For an exceptional listening experience, this headphone amplifier features four impedance ranges: 32–100, 100–250, 250–600, and 600–1,000 Ohms. All of thsee are at 500 mW, so you can receive high-quality audio. Moreover, this gadget reduces electrical noise and provides clean power to the amplifier along with a low mechanical hum. And the unit is easy to control. In fact, the volume knob connects directly to music sources that have only a fixed volume output. Or use the volume knob to control the variable output component. Overall, it’s a versatile and useful unit for your headphones.

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