RHOSLC’s Lisa Barlow screams at Heather Gay for ‘making her seem like a b***h and a bad mom’ during heated reunion feud

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REAL Housewives of Salt Lake City star Lisa Barlow screamed at Heather Gay for “making her seem like a b***h and bad mom” during their heated feud.

The emotional moment took place during part one of the RHOSLC reunion on Wednesday.


Lisa yelled that Heather makes her ‘seem like a b***h and bad mom’


The fight occurred during Wednesday’s episode of RHOSLC

During the reunion, Heather told Lisa she is “rude, manipulative and dismissive.”

After Heather said she did not want to be friends with Lisa, the 45-year-old began screaming at Heather.

Lisa yelled: “If you want to keep coming for me, come for me. Lies lies lies.

“Create your false narrative because if people knew the truth, I won’t be perceived as a bad mom and a b**h like you’re portraying.

“The reaction to how you portrayed me resulted in DM’s of fans calling me a b**h constantly.”


The women got into a screaming match during the reunion


They yelled over host Andy Cohen

Earlier during the reunion, host Andy Cohen tried to get Lisa and Heather to move on from a fight.

While Andy said “we’re going to move on,” Lisa shot her hand up in the air and said: “No, we’re not going to move on.”

The 52-year-old host appeared shocked by Lisa’s outburst as he replied: “Oh, well alright then.”

Heather and Lisa continued their fight as they cursed each other out, with Lisa yelling at Heather that she’s a “f**king liar.”

Lisa is married to John Barlow, who is also her business partner.


Lisa called Heather a ‘f**king liar’


Lisa is married to John

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The couple share two sons together

The Bravo star and her husband share sons Jack and Henry together.

The couple co-owns the liquor brands Vida Tequila and Jack Henry Spirits.

Meanwhile, Heather has three teenage daughters: Ashley, 17; Georgia, 14; and Annabelle, 13.

The RHOSLC star divorced her ex-husband in 2015 and she currently has custody of their children.


Heather has three daughters

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Earlier this month, Lisa made headlines when she got nail glue in her eye.

Reflecting on the painful experience, Lisa told Page Six: “It was awful. I was on the phone with my girlfriend and I literally went to put my eye drops in and it was the nail glue.”

The RHOSLC star shared how doctors assured her: “You’re not going to be blind, but you damaged a cornea.”

“I guess there are four levels of your cornea and it went into level three. It scratched up my whole eye and they had to use surgical tweezers to pull out the eyelashes on the corner.”

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Heather and Lisa did not hold back as they confronted each other during the reunion
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