Teen Mom star Gary Shirley kisses wife Kristina’s belly in new family photos but insists she’s NOT pregnant

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TEEN Mom star Gary Shirley has insistd his wife Kristina is NOT pregnant after sharing a picture of him kissing her belly.

Gary shared a series of sweet new family pictures and in one Kristina looks shocked as Gary bends down to kiss her stomach, reminiscent of pregnancy shoots.


Gary had to insist tat Kristina was not pregnant despite this picture

However, he was forced to edit his caption to reveal she was not pregnant, after fans began to speculate.

He joked that they took “900 pics this day so yes there’s a bunch of silly ones and 1 made the cut,” adding: “Btw @kristina_shirley3 IS NOT PREGO!”

The pictures featured his wife Kristina, their daughter Emilee, his eldest daughter Leah whom he welcomed with Amber Portwood, and pals.

“Love everyone in these pictures,”wrote Gary.


The pair met in 2013


They have one daughter together


Emilee, 5, was born in 2015

“I absolutely love my family and very happy to have each and everyone of you in it. I do have many more people in my family not in these photos, I love you all to, that includes you @bmccance1 but to my wife @kristina_shirley3 I couldn’t ask for a better partner, and I’m very blessed!

“Thank you for all you do. I could name it all off, but ain’t nobody got time for that. 🙂 I’m very thankful for these kids Leah and Emilee. You guys shine so bright.”

The Sun exclusively revealed this week that Amber’s baby daddy, Gary, 34, owns a real estate empire worth over $500,000 that features four homes and two plots of land. 

As The Sun previously reported, Gary bought a Pendleton, Indiana farmhouse in March 2017 for $333,000. 


Leah lives with the pair, as well as Kristina’s eldest daughter who never appears on screen


Leah, 12, was born when dad Gary was dating Amber Portwood

The home, which he shares with his wife Kristina, their daughter Emilee and his daughter Leah, 12, from his previous relationship with Amber, 30, boasts five bedrooms and two-and-half bathrooms. 

He also owns a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home purchased for $69,90, a two bedrooms and one bathroom home bought for $30,000, and in March 2019, Gary added a one-bedroom, one-bathroom home to his empire for $28,000. 

Gary also owns two plots of vacant land for $30,000 each that he bought in November 2016. 

Teen Mom fans recently saw Gary and Kristina encourage Amber to move on his land, with Gary suggesting she could live in a mobile home on his land, and she would pay cheaper rent than what she does now.

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Amber is close to Gary and Krstina

He even said the rent would go towards their daughter and not to him. 

Though Amber and Gary share 50/50 custody of Leah, she primarily resides with her father. 

Amber is also mom to son James, 2, who she shares with ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon. 

Andrew, 36, was granted primary physical custody of their toddler after Amber, was arrested for domestic violence against her then-boyfriend in July 2019. 

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She is currently estranged from her ex Andrew and son James


They live in her home in lieu of child support

Instead of paying child support, Amber allows Andrew and their son James to live in her former home, while she is renting an hour away. 

However things are not always rosy between Amber and Gary as she recently called him and Kristina “two-faced liars” when they joked she was like a “teen daughter.”

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Amber and Gary met when they were teens

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Amber said on Instagram: “Gary did say that he was here every day for a week. No, sweetheart. That’s a lie. And you’re two-faced. And your wife’s two-faced- saying that I’m like a teenager, like a teenage daughter.

“Well, how did that $7,500 feel guys that wasn’t child support? Oh? Well, how did that $500 when you cleaned my house because you said you needed a job, Christina?

“Oh I’m sorry, am I telling the truth? Yeah, I just watched that. You guys are two-faced, and you’re liars.”

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