The Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown admits she ‘only ate candy’ to lose weight on the show and ‘had no self-worth’


THE Bachelorette star Hannah Brown has opened up on her issues with self-worth, revealing she “only ate candy” on the ABC show.

Hannah, who first appeared on the franchise in 2019, revealed in a brave video that she had always struggled with her body image, even as a little girl.

Hannah Brown

Hannah has opened up on her body image concerns

“Everybody would always comment on my little chubby face,” she shared, adding that she would always compare herself to the other dancers she grew up alongside.

Admitting she longed for a “thigh gap,” the former pageant queen eventually stopped eating, and revealed that by the time she entered Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor she “only ate candy.”

“I would never eat the food,” she revealed.

But despite being at what she thought was her ideal body weight, she soon realized she had “no energy” for her workouts, and acne had broken out across her face.

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The 26-year-old found fame on the franchise in 2019


She admitted to only eating candy during her time on the show

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Hannah spoke of comparing herself to other women

“What I was doing was not sustainable, I wasn’t eating super healthy nutrutious food,” she continued.

“It’s always been a constant struggle of worthiness, I wasn’t happier at that time – I just didn’t have any self-worth through all that.”

Hannah revealed she has spent much of her life yo-yo dieting between pageants, and that at times she would limit her intake entirely to chicken and boiled eggs.

“Body image is something that I’ve struggled with since I was a little girl, and will continue to work on for many years to come,” she captioned the YouTube video.

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Hannah says she now has a healthy attitude with food

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She realized how unhealthy she was during DWTS

“I hope by letting you guys in and sharing my experiences will help anyone out there who is struggling with the same thing.

“Just remember that YOU are beautiful, YOU are loved, and YOU are not alone.”

Hannah found fame on The Bachelorette in 2019, after appearing on The Bachelor a month before.

However, Hannah’s stint as The Bachelorette was ill-fated.

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Hannah have her final rose to Jed

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But they split soon after he proposed

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She then asked finalist Tyler C out on a date

Although she eventually chose Jed Wyatt as her fiancé, it was later revealed that he had been in a relationship throughout filming for the show.

During the live season finale in July 2019, Hannah then asked out her runner-up, Tyler Cameron, after her failed relationship with Jed.

In January, the 26-year-old went public with her new boyfriend, model Adam Woolard.

Days after Hannah teased on Instagram that she had met “a good guy” who “seems really nice”, the pair were pictured together holding hands.

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But the pair later split

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Holding hands as they wandered through Venice, in Los Angeles, the pair appeared to be giggling together and having fun.

Adam, whose modelling agency, The Campbell Agency, list him as 6’1″ with brown hair and hazel eyes, was dressed similarly, in a blue tee with black jeans and running shoes.

His Instagram page is private, but his public bio states he is a meditation and lifestyle coach.

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