What is the antebellum photo of Rachael Kirkconnell?

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BACHELOR contestant Rachael Kirkconnell has come under fire for her social media history, including a photo she posted wearing an antebellum-style dress.

Rachael is originally from Cumming, Georgia, and “is a southern sweetheart with a close-knit family,” according to her Bachelor bio.

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Rachael Kirkconnell

What is the antebellum photo of Rachael Kirkconnell?

Rachael faced backlash earlier this month for attending an “antebellum plantation-themed ball” at Georgia College & State University, thrown by the college fraternity, Kappa Alpha.

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Rachael dons an antebellum-style dress

Kappa Alpha has been criticized as “racist” due to its embrace of Confederate General Robert E. Lee as its “spiritual leader.”

The Southern fraternity throws their annual bash during “Old South Week” – a popular event that has previously been held on plantations and used Confederate flags for decoration.

Rachael’s cousin Anastasia exclusively spoke to The Sun, insisting she is “not racist” – but admitted the photos are “hard to defend”.

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Rachael Kirkconnell was slammed for attending the ‘Old South’ plantation party

Rachael has been facing death threats since the scandal broke and her parents are in a “terrible mental place”, a source told The Sun.

Why else is Rachael facing backlash?

Rachael was also alleged to have liked racist social media posts in the past.

One snap that she had liked shows two Caucasian women dressed in a hula outfit posing in front a Confederate flag.

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Rachael Kirkconnell ‘liked’ this photo on Instagram

Another displays a trio of ladies proudly posing in traditional Mexican ponchos and sombreros while donning large fake mustaches.

Rachael‘s mother has come to her daughter’s defense after TikTok user named Maddy Bierster accused Kirkconnell of bullying her in high school for “liking black guys.”

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The Antebellum South was a period in the history of the southern United States from the late 18th century until the start of the American Civil War in 1861,

The development of separate northern and southern economies, westward expansion of the nation, and a spirit of reform marked the era.

Wealthy southern planters wielded most of the economic and political power of the country.

During the antebellum years, the “elite class” created their own societal standards “defining ideals of southern white manhood and womanhood and shaping the culture of the south.”

Enslaved African people made up a large portion of the southern population during this time.