Gemma Collins takes savage swipe after Charlotte Crosby’s rant as she poses in ‘you’re obsessed and I love it’ jumper

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GEMMA Collins appears to have taken a thinly-veiled swipe at Charlotte Crosby and Saffron Lempriere after they lashed out at her Piers Morgan’s Life Stories interview.

The 40-year-old star took to her Instagram page this evening to pose in a jumper that savagely reads: “You’re obsessed with me & I love it”.


Gemma took a not-so-subtle swipe at the haters

The self-proclaimed diva is beaming in the timely snap, casually pointing to the words on her top, which is part of her new fashion collection.

Unbothered Gemma has one hand on her hip as she poses in her kitchen, looking stunning in glam make-up and with her hair tied into a chic ponytail.

The GC did not address Charlotte and Saffron’s comments in the caption, which simply read: “NEW DROP 🙌🏻 all your favourites of mine on the latest hoodie collection 🙌🏻 enjoy the weekend guys 🙌🏻

However, fans were quick to pick up on her decision to post a picture of that jumper just hours after she was targeted by the stars.

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Charlotte had lashed out at Gemma’s Piers Morgan interview

One commented: “You sent @charlottegshore one? 🙊

Another added: “Looks like Charlotte is obsessed with you hun! Keep going.”

Gemma moved fans to tears when her emotional interview with Piers aired on ITV last night, but ex Geordie Shore star Charlotte took to her Instagram Story to slam the former Towie favourite soon after.

Sharing a picture of Gemma on Life Stories, Charlotte ranted: “This women is the most rudest vilest women I’ve been in the same airspace of.

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The timing was not lost on Gemma’s fans

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Gemma’s emotional Life Stories interview aired last night

“And she gets this kind of exposure. A show that Sir Tom was on and every legend under the sun.”

She added: “I’m sorry but. This needs to be said now. This women is vile!

“What had this girl done on TV but degrade everyone and act like she’s the dogs b***ocks. I have first hand witnessed her ABSOLUTE RUDENESS.”

And Gemma’s former Towie pal Saffron passionately agreed, posting Charlotte’s comments to her social media page and adding: “Not just one of us.

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Gemma’s ex bestie Saffron also hit out

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She shared Charlotte’s comments on Instagram

“She thinks she’s in an untouchable bubble, the rumours this nutcase said about me, treated me like a dogsbody & lied beyond belief – nobody knows half.

“She lost the most loyal friend to her, I will never, ever interview for money to this thing (something she will go round saying).

“Ironically I was contacted Piers Morgan’s Life Stories to chat on there trust me that would never have gone down well!”

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Gemma was seemingly unbothered by the backlash

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She concluded: “So for everyone asking me why I didn’t take part I would feed you with more b****x.”

Saffron joined Towie alongside Gemma as her best friend in 2018 after appearing on her reality show Diva Espana.

She later added: “This woman caused me upset beyond so please no more!”

The Sun contacted Gemma’s rep for comment.

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