Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash welcome a new addition to their family as they introduce rehomed puppy to fans

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STACEY Solomon and Joe Swash have welcomed a new addition to their family as they introduced their rehomed puppy to fans tonight.

The engaged couple, who live with their son Rex, Stacey’s kids Zachary and Leighton, and their pet pooch Theo, revealed they had added another “little boy” to their brood.


Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash welcomed a new addition to their family as they introduced a rehomed puppy to fans

The puppy bonded with Stacey’s girl Pomeranian Theo straight away as his new human brothers grabbed him for cuddles too.

Stacey, 30, shared videos and photos on Instagram of their puppy settling in, with 21-month-old Rex and the dachshund posing for a cute snap. She said: “Welcome to our family little one.

“Another little boy for us all to love. And we love you so very much. Sometimes things just happen for a reason and souls come in to our lives just when they’re meant to.

“We still haven’t worked out what your name is yet but we know you’ll let us know. We love you puppy 🖤


The puppy bonded with Stacey’s dog Theo straight away

The pic attracted over 400,000 likes within an hour as fans gushed over the adorable snap.

One said: “Absolutely adorable. Love dachshunds. X”

Another said: “Such a little Handsomes 😭❤🐾 absolutely beautiful! Cuteness overload!! X x”

No doubt Stacey and Joe will let their sons, including Joe’s son Harry, her pick the new puppy’s name.


Joe got down to the new puppy’s level

Stacey previously said her sons helped her pick her Pomeranian mix Chihuahua’s name which is why she is called Theo.

They decided to name her Theo after their favourite footballer, Theo Walcott who now plays for Southampton.

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On a photo of Theo lying on her back and getting a belly rub from Stacey, the mum-of-three shared some fun facts about the dog.

“She’s caring, sweet, loyal, very protective of me and the boys and hates it when someone knocks on the door,” Stacey wrote with a laughing emoji face on her Instagram stories.

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The 10-year-old is the light of her life and is like her ‘second child’


Her sons chose the unusual name for the dog, naming him after footballer Theo Walcott

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