Furious Yazmin Oukhellou called James Lock’s dad 79 times after Towie star ‘went missing’ on night out

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FURIOUS Yazmin Oukhellou once called James Lock’s dad 79 times after he “went missing” on a night out.

In The Sun’s exclusive clip of BBC show Eating With My Ex, James, 34, reveals Yazmin, 26, hounded his dad Steve for information when she couldn’t get hold of the Towie star.

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James Locke reveals ex Yazmin Oukhellou called his dad 79 times after he went missing on a night out

But Lockie holds no punches on the series which reunites former couples for a showdown.

He says: “I have to say I think the jealousy was always in ya.”

To which Yazmin replies: “You didn’t help that. There would be times you would go out and your phone would break or the battery would die and I wouldn’t hear from you until 2 o’clock the next day.

“So what was you doing?”

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Yazmin confronts James about his party lifestyle that left her feeling insecure

Without a hint of regret James blurts out: “Partying.”

He adds: “Listen if I text you or called ya I would never get you off the phone.

“Mate you rang my dad once 79 times, he had to turn his phone off!”

Yazmin explains: “Because I was hurting.”

She later tells the show’s producers: “Him and his dad tend to party together and they both decided to go on the missing and turn their phone off for 24 hours.

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Lockie says he had no regrets over ignoring his ex for days when he would party with his dad

“And I had calls they’d they’d taken girls back to a hotel room so I did call his dad.”

Yazmin also confronts James about his party lifestyle that left her feeling insecure and that he was cheating on her.

The pair throw accusations at each other in a new trailer and Yazmin says: “Did you cheat while I was asleep?”

James then says she has a “borderline obsession” with him, to which she replies: “Don’t flatter yourself!”

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The couple split again after reuniting last year

Yazmin and James split last week after reportedly having a “huge row” while in Dubai for a “work trip”.

James Lock told OK! from Dubai: “We’ve broken up. We tried to make it work and we really thought it was going to be different this time but things don’t always work out as you’d expect.

“I have a lot of love for Yaz and a huge amount of respect for her but we’re just better apart.”

Yazmine added: “James and I have split up amicably. I love James but we’re not good together.

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However, things appear to have ended amicably, as James defended Yaz against the hate both received for flying to Dubai before travel restrictions were imposed.

Defending his ex, Lockie told The Sun: “I am pretty thick-skinned and don’t let it get to me but I feel sorry for Yaz. 

“Girls seem to get it so much worse than guys. Yaz has had so much abuse. It has got really nasty and personal.”

Eating With My Ex Celebrity Specials will be available on BBC iPlayer from 14th February

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