PAUME Antibacterial Vegan Hand Sanitizer features refillable dispensers and kills 99.9% of bacteria

PAUME Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer 03

Kill bacteria and germs with the PAUME Antibacterial Vegan Hand Sanitizer. Featuring 69% ethyl alcohol and vegan-friendly ingredients, this product is a great way to keep hands and surfaces germ-free. Best of all, the combination of ingredients keep skin soft and minimize dryness. This includes aloe vera to nourish and boost hydration. And it boasts delightful essential oils such as lavender, rosemary mingle, cedarwood, and citrus. This creates an uplifting scent that’s not too overpowering. Furthermore, the bottles are available in three sizes according to your needs: The Traveler, The In Home, and The Essentials. Therefore, you can choose a bottle size that’s conveniently portable or keep one at home to kill bacteria when you return indoors. Finally,, it’s available in refillable dispensers to reduce 60% less plastic waste than the bottle, making it an eco-friendly purchase.

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