WandaVision Is Now The Most Popular TV Series In The World

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We’re now two thirds of the way through WandaVision, and it seems like each new episode is blowing fans’ minds a little bit more every week. Following the shock return of Evan Peters’ Quicksilver and some comics-accurate costumes, the popularity of the first Marvel Studios series to debut on Disney Plus just keeps on growing. In fact, it’s now so popular that WandaVision is currently the biggest TV show in the world.

Parrot Analytics offers an audience attention measurement system which determines how successful a title is by wading through social media, fan ratings and piracy data and using that as a metric for audience demand. And, as per Forbes, they have determined that the Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany vehicle stands as the most in-demand series across all viewing platforms as of its fifth episode, which debuted February 5th.

Initially at just 35th place after its first two episodes dropped on January 15th, WandaVision quickly rose up the charts to seventh place, as fans started to become hooked by its mysterious narrative. It was in second place by the time of episode four and then, when episode five debuted, it was launched into the top spot to be crowned the “number one series worldwide”. Data for this week’s sixth episode has yet to be ascertained.

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It’s not surprising that it was that episode that got WV into first place. Episode 1×05 “On a Very Special Episode” saw Scarlet Witch and her family’s idyllic existence start to crack as Vision became aware all was not right. And, in its final moments, Peter’s Pietro Maximoff entered the fray, sending Marvel lovers into a frenzy as they tried to work out how the X-Men star could be reprising his role in the MCU.

Just in case we were under any doubt that they were going to be smash hits, the success of WandaVision bodes well for the many other Marvel shows to come. New episodes continue to arrive over the next few weeks with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier then premiering on March 19th.

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