YouTube star James Charles accused of ‘faking’ shaved head for ‘attention by wearing bald cap’ in dramatic new makeover

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JAMES Charles has been accused of “faking” his newly shaved head “for attention” as fans believe the YouTuber’s wearing a bald cap. 

The 21-year-old internet sensation shocked fans when he stepped out for dinner in Los Angeles showing off his dramatic makeover on Thursday night. 

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James Charles shocked fans when he debuted a shaved head this week


James showed off his shaved head again on Friday morning

Getty – Contributor

James’ new look is a far cry from his typical longer dark locks

The YouTuber first boasted his new look to his eight million Twitter followers. 

One pictures showed the star looking glam with a smooth head, long lashes and thick black eyeliner. 

James completed his look with a pouty nude lip, long acrylic nails and a black turtleneck sweatshirt. 

He gave his fiercest stare straight into the camera as he dined on an outdoor patio in LA. 

The Mega Agency

The YouTuber showed off his new look while out for dinner on Thursday

The Mega Agency

The YouTuber debuted his look when he stepped out for dinner in LA

The pictures quickly became a meme – with James retweeting a few of his favorites. 

“BREAKING: James Charles to play Jeff Bezos in new biopic. Expected to hit streaming platforms this summer,” one person joked of the Amazon founder. 

Another retweet said: “When you order scrambled eggs but they come hard-boiled.”

However, many fans pointed out that James has a long history of pulling stunts for “attention” and claimed this was another fame-seeking act. 

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Fans believe James is ‘wearing a bald cap’

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Many fans slammed James for ‘faking’ his new look with a bald cap

“You know you’re falling out of popularity when you have to put a bald cap on to get some attention,” one person insisted. 

Another tweeted: “When you’re starved for attention… Wear a bald cap.”

“James Charles really does anything for attention on social media,” one more wrote. 

While a fourth begged the question: “is james charles pretending to be bald for attention?”


The upstate New York native skyrocketed to fame in 2016 after a tweet featuring on online makeup tutorial went viral. 

Shortly after, he became the first male ambassador for CoverGirl cosmetics and went on to win multiple Teen Choice Awards and People Choice Awards.

The online personality has been involved with a series of social media controversies over the years. 

In October, the makeup sensation shared a tutorial where he got Kylie Jenner glam for Halloween. 

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Getty – Contributor


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However, the KUWTK star was slammed by fans for the “embarrassing” amount of photoshop she used in an “unrecognizable” side-by-side photo. 

The video started out with an all-natural Kylie baring no makeup and having her hair up in two clips. 

In the 16 minute clip, the close pals poured some wine and gossiped about fun times together as James did her spooky look. 

James Charles / YouTube

James and Kylie Jenner teamed up in October for a YouTube tutorial

James Charles / YouTube

The makeup moguls collaborated on a Halloween look

James Charles / YouTube

Kylie’s glam and spooky cosmetics was posted just before Halloween

The final look shows Kylie wearing heavy foundation, a gold smoky eye, and four stripes of bloody scratches from an apparent claw wound. 

When compared side-by-side to grabs from the original video, fans called out the KUWTK star for appearing to “photoshop” herself yet again

One person commented: “What the Kylie? She stretched her face to look like Mila Kunis!”

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James launched to fame in 2016 after his makeup tutorial went viral

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“It’s so annoying how much she edits herself. Embarrassing and downright not necessary,” another fired off. 

Someone else said: “LOL she don’t look like herself at all in these. Did she think we would not notice?!”

“When two plastics meet…” a follower wrote – referring to James’ common critique that he also has had “too much” work done. 

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