Gemma Collins tells Drag Race UK fans ‘your prayers have been answered’ as she teases next week’s Snatch Game appearance


GEMMA Collins told Drag Race UK fans “your prayers have been answered” as she teases next week’s Snatch Game appearance.

The former Towie star, 40, teased her appearance on the BBC Three drag competition on her Instagram.


Gemma Collins is appearing on Drag Race UK

The photo shows Gemma in a fabulous pink dress with long pink gloves, with her hair falling down her shoulders.

She captioned the image: “RACERS 🙌🏻 this is your QUEEN SPEAKING your prayers have been answered 💫THE GC graces you on the SNATCH GAME @dragraceukbbc 💫 #dragraceuk WHAT SAY YOU 🙌🏻 WHAT … SAY … YOU !!!!”

The Snatch Game is a comedy challenge where the queens impersonate various celebrities and cultural figures in a fictional gameshow.

The gay icon has already appeared in the show in one form – as Essex drag queen Cheryl Hole impersonated her last year.


She will be appearing on the series’ popular Snatch Game

Stacey Dooley and Lorraine Kelly were on the celebrity panel.

Gemma Collins recently opened up on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories about how she made £75,000 in one day through Instagram.

She also revealed her father now controls her finances and monthly allowance after spending £50,000 in two months.

The bold The Only Way Is Essex favourite was quizzed by ITV anchor Piers how much she earned from her online presence with promotions and endorsements, and her response was jaw-dropping.

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Gemma Collins opened up about her finances on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories

Gemma told the ITV show: “In one day I made £75,000 from social media posts, that was on a Black Friday.”

Piers replied: “In one day, that’s insane isn’t it?” to which she replied: “It is, but the opportunity was there, I probably went out and wasted the money but I had a good time on it.”

Black Friday 2020 fell on November 28, when Gemma promoted a variety of items on her Instagram page including clothing from her own Gemma Collins collection.

She also gushed over “the must-have bauble” adorned with one of her signature catchphrases.

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Gemma’s dad is now in control of her finances

Piers then delved into further finance issues as he asked: “How much money have you made by being the GC?”

Gemma pondered and replied: “I would say well over a million pounds, and it’s just not stopping.”

She later revealed her dad gives her a £3,000 a month allowance after she blew £50,000 in just two months.

Gemma told Piers: “I’m a spender – my dad wrote me up as an absolute disgrace, I’d spent £50,000 in two months up in Knightsbridge.

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Gemma made £75,000 in one day on Instagram

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“It was £1,000 a day over the course of two months, but I was going through a bit of a hard time.”

She confessed: “I felt disgusted in myself; I went absolutely crazy in Gucci – shoes, bags, coats- I was staying in the Dorchester more or less every night of the week, £600 a pop, and I was wining and dining in there.

“I got absolutely massive, I could barely walk – it was kind of like self destruction in a way, and I’m pleased that my dad took my card off me as I am telling you now I’d have ended up in trouble.”

Gemma went on to tell Piers that her dad controls “everything”, but she asks for extra money if she is going on holiday or on a shopping trip to London, fearing that her card will be declined.

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