Little People’s Audrey Roloff has ‘date night’ with husband Jeremy after fans accuse them of ‘forcing’ their marriage

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LITTLE PEOPLE, Big World’s Audrey Roloff “dressed up” for a date night with her husband Jeremy, despite fan theories that they have a “forced” marriage.

The couple has been under scrutiny for “trying way too hard” in their relationship and “forcing” events rather than letting things happen naturally.


Little People, Big World’s Audrey and Jeremy Roloff went out for ‘date night’

Audrey, 29, shared a new photo with her husband, as the two bundled up for a night out.

The spouses stood in their living room smiling, as they prepared for an outdoor dining experience in Portland, Oregon.

The mom of two captioned her post: “Got a little dressed up, and by dressed up I mean LOTS of layers😂 to brave the cold for a date night out last night.

“Some restaurants in Portland are open for outside dining only – and we’ve had snow on our forecast this week.”

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Their intimate evening follows the claims that they lead a ‘forced marriage’


The mom of two admitted their date nights require ‘extra work’

The reality star then alluded to the difficulty the couple faces in spending alone time, as she revealed: “Planning date nights is a little extra work these days but always worth the undistracted and unhindered time together❤.

“Andddd it’s my turn to plan Valentine’s Day this year, so there are more good things comin your way this weekend babe😘 @beating50percent.”


Audrey shared a ‘fake’ photo of the couple dancing

Fans have expressed that Audrey and Jeremy’s marriage reads as “forced,” as the pair tells long “anecdotes” about their relationship.

The LPBW star recently posted a video dancing with her husband in the kitchen and a second from their wedding night.

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Fans slammed Audrey, who is a mother of two, for being too ‘intentional’ with their relationship

In a lengthy caption, she revealed that she wants to be more “intentional” about creating “cheesy” moments with her beloved.

Many of Audrey’s followers were not pleased by the sentiment, as they felt that her desire to be “intentional” is a forced interpretation of love.

One commented: “Also shouldn’t a love story be more natural? Not a bunch of forced events strung together”

Others called the young wife “annoying and pretentious,” and always “trying way too hard.”

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A resurfaced post showed Audrey’s true feelings on same-sex couples


The young mom claimed to ‘not agree’ with non-heterosexual marriages

Jeremy, 30, and his wife have also faced backlash over past comments on same-sex marriages.

In a blog post that resurfaced from 2016, the couple admitted that they “don’t agree” with same-sex unions and their platform will not cater to those who identify as such.

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The reality star still encouraged gay people to read her blog

She explained: “We are not claiming to be a resource for same-sex marriages. It’s not something we agree with.

“Know that our content is not written to same-sex marriages, so to say that we don’t offer advice for that side is accurate.”

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Fans were infuriated by her comment

Despite the stance, Audrey still encouraged same-sex couples to read their blog and to not see “what it is against, but rather what it is for.”

Fans were wildly offended by the old statement, which came to light after vlogger, Katie Joy found the post on Instagram.

“Imagine thinking it’s your right to ‘not agree with’ someone else’s sexual orientation,” one wrote, while another slammed her inclusion: “We don’t support you at all but go ahead and buy our stuff so we can still make money off you wooooow.”

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The public frequently differs in opinion from the Christian couple, after many were shocked earlier this month when Audrey shared a photo of her baby just feet from a dangerous ax.

Followers roasted the parents as inattentive, for letting their one-year-old son Bode near the weapon.

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