Rebel Wilson poses alone and shows off fitted red dress in Valentine’s Day post after dumping boyfriend Jacob Busch

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REBEL Wilson posed all alone and showed off her fitted red dress in a Valentine’s Day post just a short time after dumping her billionaire boyfriend Jacob Busch.

Earlier this month, the 40-year-old announced that she and Jacob, 29, were parting ways.


Rebel Wilson posed alone in a Valentine’s Day post as she showed off quite the fitted red dress

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This comes after the actress parted ways with her billionaire boyfriend Jacob Busch

Rebel took to Instagram to share a snap of herself posing and smiling while rocking quite the red dress as she placed her hands on her hips.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” she captioned it, as she including an emoji of a heart and an open candy bar.

People were loving the post as they took to the comments section to respond.

One person wrote: “Love the dress🔥🔥 you look beautiful,” while another added, “You look amazing!!!”

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Rebel has been sharing quite a bit of photos of herself since the split

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The pair, who began dating in 2019, was said to have split via ‘text message’

All the good vibes come after the Pitch Perfect star confirmed her single status with a photo in a denim dress, captioning it, “Lots on my mind…aghhhhhh…#single-girl-heading-to-Super-Bowl!”

Rebel ended up heading to the Super Bowl in Tampa as she took snaps alongside her friend and fellow comedian Adam Devine.


Rebel ‘blindsided’ Jacob after she dumped him

However, it is said Jacob was “blindsided” after she split with him through “text message.”

Sources close to the Anheuser-Busch heir previously revealed to Us Weekly: “They went to Aspen right before the holidays and had a blast.

“Then, he left for Florida to be with his family, and he invited her because he really wanted her to meet [them] but she never committed to doing that.

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An insider claimed that Jacob is ‘really upset’ about it all

“They talked all throughout the holidays and had excellent communication, but then, all of a sudden, she got really quiet and broke up with him via text message about two or three weeks ago.”

The insider added that Jacob is “really upset,” as they added that “it was very hurtful,” but he has “no ill-will towards her.”

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‘He’s at a loss for words right now,’ another source added

However, another source chimed in: “He’s at a loss for words right now. He feels blindsided. He’s still taking it in. He really thought she was going to be his life partner…”

Meanwhile, the Hollywood star is doing a tad better it seems as she told Extra: “Any kind of breakup is hard and not idea.

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All this comes as Rebel continues to shed the pounds
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“I feel like, I don’t know if it’s turning 40 or coming into your own… I feel in a really good place.”

Rebel and Jacob first met when a mutual friend introduced them in 2019.

Through it all, Rebel has been on quite the weight loss journey, losing 60 pounds after she called 2020 her “year of health.”

While she has already hit her goal weight, she has aimed to continue her healthy ways.

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