Busted’s Matt Willis signs up with St John’s Ambulance team because he has ‘f**k all else to do’

BUSTED’S Matt Willis has signed up with St. John’s Ambulance team because he has “f**k all else to do”

The 37-year-old revealed that although he won’t be administering vaccines, anyone getting the jab where he’s working will get the pleasure of his company and smiling face as they register.


Busted’s Matt Willis has joined the St. John’s Ambulance

Speaking on Vicky Pattison’s podcast The Secret To…, Matt said: “I am signing up for the St. John’s ambulance team.

“I’m not allowed to administer vaccines because I don’t have two A Levels but I’m going to be helping people walk in and register on the computer.”

Matt went on: “I have got f**k all else to do and I am sitting around. I’m feeling quite inadequate.”

The Busted bassist added that because his job revolves around being in front of an audience, he feels like he’s “f**ked for the time-being”.


Matt will help the organisation with the administration of the coronavirus vaccine

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Matt joked he has ‘f**k all else to do’ at the moment

“There’s not a chance there’s going to be any gigs, any theatre, any plays going on for a long time,” Matt told Vicky. 

“So I am like, ‘right, what can I do?’. I am just going to do that for a little bit and see what happens. It’s only 16 hours a month, so very little commitment. I can do 16 hours a day, right now. Get me out the house!”

Matt, who is married to TV presenter Emma Willis, 44, impressed upon Vicky what vital work the St. Johns Ambulance is doing right now . 

“They’re doing such an amazing thing. I said I am doing this, I got really carried away researching it. If you think about how many people in the U.K. need this vaccine and there are st loads of people on furlough sitting around with their thumbs up their ae.”


The dad of three reasoned his job is all about being in front of an audience and he can’t do that with a pandemic

The 37-year-old said he wants his ‘life back, to play shows and hug his mates’

The dad of three added: “Believe me this is not a selfless act, I am doing this completely selfishly. I want my life back. I want to play shows, I want festivals to happen, I wanna hug my f**king mates.”

Millions of fans were left broken hearted when Matt and his bandmates Charlie Simpson and James Bourne split at the peek of their Busted fame in the noughties.

However, they luckily got back together and Matt is convinced the band will reform once again after the pandemic is over.

During the same podcast, the musician revealed: “J’s doing a solo record and Charlie is doing a solo record.

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“I am being an unemployed self tape actor and a stay at home dad/teacher/hooverer. We’ve all moved on.

“We are too busy for the band right now but it will definitely happen again. Busted is something we all absolutely love and we know what it is.

“It’s a big part of my life and always will be.”

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