How old is Anne Robinson?

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ANNE Robinson is a ruthless quiz show and TV presenter – known for not suffering fools.

The iconic presenter has been announced as the new host of Countdown, following on from Nick Hewer.

Anne Robinson has said ‘You are the weakest link, goodbye’ about a billion times

Who is Anne Robinson?

Anne Robinson is a journalist and TV presenter, known for hosting BBC game show The Weakest Link and co-presenting Watchdog.

Anne was born in 1944 in Lancashire, to a school teacher and businesswoman from Northern Ireland.

She spent her youth helping out with the family’s agricultural enterprises, and also worked jobs at a law firm.

She then became the first ever female trainee for the Daily Mail and got the scoop on Beatles manager Brian Epstein’s death by talking to the solicitor handling the details.

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Anne was the first ever female trainee for the Daily Mail

After having a daughter called Emma with deputy news editor Chris Wilson in 1971, Anne worked for the The Sunday Times and The Mirror and wrote a column for the latter entitled Wednesday Witch.

After getting the scoop on Princess Diana’s eating disorder, she was sacked due to pressure from Buckingham palace, and was encouraged by the Mirror’s editor to go into television.

How old is Anne Robinson?

Anne Robinson is 76 years old.

Despite being in her seventies, Anne’s youthful appearance has continued to create headlines, with the TV star continually defending her extensive use of plastic surgery.

After shocking photos of her puffy face came out in 2017, she said: “We marched in the sixties for freedom for women.

“It is freedom to do what we want isn’t it?”

Anne started out as a panellist on Question Time in the 1980s
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She claims to have only ever had one facelift and says she’s astonished at the amount of attention her face gets.

Anne has also spoken about how she was an “unfit mother” to daughter Emma, and has admitted to alcoholism, though she kicked the bottle in 1978.

Emma was taken out of her custody and lived with father Charles Wilson when she was little because, according to Anne, she was an “unfit mother” – though they have a close relationship now.

She was married to author Joe Penrose from 1980 to 2007, and was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2001, before having surgery to remove it.

What TV work has Anne done?

Anne started out as a panellist on Question Time in the 1980s and presented TV review show Points Of View.

Then in 1993 she became the writer and presenter of consumer affairs show Watchdog, which remains popular to this day.

But in 2000 she became a household name when she began presenting tough quiz show The Weakest Link, which was on TV for ten years.

Because she had to say it at the end of every round, Anne’s catchphrase soon became “You are the weakest link, goodbye”, and she would often say it in amusing ways to change it up.

Anne has also been the writer and presenter of consumer affairs show Watchdog

She also winked at the camera the end of every episode.

The show was such a hit that it spawned 70 equivalent versions in other countries, and was even parodied in a Doctor Who episode.

Anne was also presenting Watchdog between 2009 and 2015, and she also hosted Anne Robinson’s Britain, a three-part series looking at various aspects of UK life – including our obsession with appearances.

Anne also presented a documentary on terminations – to mark 50 years since the 1967 Abortion Act – called Abortion On Trial, filmed at her home in Gloucestershire.

She opened up about the abortion she had aged 23 in 1968 and how it left a “black doom” hanging over her life.

Anne said of her own experience, which happened shortly after she got married:  “I was ­terrified, confused, very, very lonely. I didn’t think I could talk to anyone.

weakest link
Anne’s rapier wit and withering glare was a major feature of The Weakest Link


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“It was a really isolated place. The only way I felt I could go through with an abortion is that if I didn’t think about it…

“It was like someone who was ­shutting their eyes and jumping from a cliff.

“What I remember is unexpectedly the most terrible black doom came over me and it lasted for months. I was ashamed of what I’d done and I felt so depressed.”uuuuuu

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