Katie Price’s son Harvey plays keyboard and sings ‘happy birthday’ to her boyfriend Carl Woods after baking him a cake

HARVEY Price wished mum Katie’s boyfriend Carl Woods a “happy birthday” by singing to him and baking him a cake.

The 18-year-old, who suffers from a range of complex medical issues including a genetic disorder that affects his sight, Prader Willi syndrome and autism, was filmed playing the piano.


Harvey played the piano to celebrate Carl’s birthday

Harvey, who recently moved into his own four-bedroom home, gently played “Happy Birthday” on the keyboard as he independently sang along.

Mum Katie, 42, stood close by holding a square chocolate cake with two sparkling candles, telling the camera: “This is for Carl.”

Filming the sweet moment, car dealer Carl can be heard thanking Harvey for the song and the home-made birthday cake.

“Happy birthday Carl,” Harvey said to finish his song – to which Carl replied: “Woah. Thank you, Harv. Did you make this [cake]?”

Mum Katie stood close by holding a cake made by Harvey

Harvey had also made Carl a square-shaped cake

“What shape is it, Harv?” mother-of-five Katie asks her eldest son, who joked back it was the same shape as cartoon character “Spongebob Squarepants”.

Posting the video to Instagram, Katie told her followers: “Couldn’t resist @officialmrharveyprice made @carljwoods birthday cake too.”

Earlier today, Katie posted another clip of Harvey celebrating Carl’s birthday, showing off a hand-made card.

Featuring a frog on the front, he read out the touching words he’d written to his mum’s boyfriend, including “three kisses”.


Harvey, clearly fond of Carl, blew him kisses in another clip

The 18-year-old made his mum’s boyfriend a birthday card

“Happy Birthday Carl – I wish you a happy 32nd birthday,” Harvey read aloud. “Love from Harvey. Kiss, kiss, kiss.”

It comes after Katie dodged a fine after police investigated her and boyfriend Carl “breaking lockdown rules” for Valentine’s Day.

The Sun revealed that West Mercia Police ruled the star had made the journey for “legitimate” work purposes.

Katie and Carl, 32, left his home in Essex and drove 180 miles to Shropshire at the weekend, with the pair appearing to stay at the luxury cottages at Henlle Hall – the same place they visited with the family at Christmas.


Carl thanked Harvey for the song and cake

They were seen driving away from the accommodation – about a five-hour drive from their home – today in a white BMW.

Shropshire DCI Rik Klair told us: “We received reports on Sunday 14 February of a possible Covid breach at a location near Oswestry.

“Officers attended and after speaking to the manager of the premises identified that two individuals were staying at this location.

“It was found that they were there for legitimate business purposes and were not issued with any fines.

Minnow Films

Harvey has a series of complex medical issues including autism and blindness

“We are continuing to liaise with the premises to see if any breach of the Covid-19 regulations has taken place on their part.”

Katie had previously claimed that they spent yesterday in a “love cabin” in Carl’s back garden.

She told The Sun: “I never expected all of this. There’s a cabin in the garden and the decorations are unbelievable.

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