Married At First Sight Australia’s Dino Hira shocks fans as he looks totally different with a beard and bulging muscles

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MARRIED At First Sight Australia star Dino Hira showed off his bulging muscles after an incredible transformation.

The 36-year-old star looked unrecognisable in recent snaps showcasing his impressive gym body.

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Dino Hira looked unrecognisable after hitting the gym and bulking up

The show, which was first filmed in Australia in 2018 but is only airing in the UK now has viewers hooked.

Dino, who tied the knot with Melissa Lucarelli on the show, looked miles apart from his clean cut image.

Dino regularly shares snaps of him working out and flexing his bulky muscles in tight gym shorts and vests

The spiritualist shared a photo of him lifting weights in the garden determined to keep training despite Australian Covid restrictions on gyms.


The star showed off his impressive transformation

He wrote: “You can take the man out of the gym but you cannot take the gym out of the man.

“Currently, gyms are closed due to Covid restrictions but that does not mean your morning routine stops. You must bring the gym into nature.”

The star has also showed off his more rugged appearance complete with a thick bushy beard.

The Perth-based hunk shocked fans with his incredible transformation, with one writing: “Wow you look awesome Dino.”

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The mediation guru was less bulky while filming the show

Another joked: “Someone has clearly been eating their spinach, you look great.”

A third added: “Wooooah those biceps, looking awesome.”

Another shared: “You look so different Dino, I hope you meet someone special soon.”

Dino and Melissa got off to a rocky start after getting hitched on the reality show.

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Dino has got rid of his clean-cut image opting for a bushy beard

Melissa failed to get to grips with Dino’s spiritual side and Dino struggled to show Melissa enough affection.

Things erupted when Dino revealed that he had been secretly recording his wife.

Melissa flew into a furious rage when she discovered her husband had pretended to be asleep when she was talking behind his back on the phone to her sister.

The betrayal ultimately ended their marriage as the pair chose to leave the show at the commitment ceremony.


Dino and Melissa Lucarelli called it quits in a fiery committment ceremony

The meditation guru recently claimed that he was told by producers to tape anything that happened when the camera crew was not present.

But the innocent explanation was edited out of the final cut – with many viewers blasting him as “creepy” over the “intrusive” act.

He told The Sun: “Words can be so powerful and previously when I had tried to rectify anything by speaking directly to Melissa, everything was always denied.

“Each of the cast were given a phone to record their experiences if the crew were not available and encouraged us to document if there was anything important.

“As Melissa’s conversation did not sit well with me as she was saying things that were very upsetting, I wanted some evidence.

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MAFS fans slammed him as ‘creepy’ for recording the conversation

” It was so I could play it back between us, as I cared about moving forward and coming to solutions rather than going backwards.”

After Melissa discovered Dino had secretly recorded her during production in late 2018, she considered taking legal action and met with a lawyer.

“It’s illegal to record a conversation when you’re not in the conversation,” she previously told The Daily Telegraph, adding that “producers knew this”.

Despite this, Melissa later dropped her plan to pursue legal action against Dino.

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Melissa dropped her plan to pursue legal action against Dino

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Dino insists he is still grateful he signed up for the controversial show.

“Today, I am very glad of the whole MAFS experience as it pushed me towards my passion, which is spreading spirituality, health and positivity around the world,” he told us.

“MAFS has also taught me a lot about myself and what I actually wanted in a partner by being paired with someone completely opposite.

“Today, I share that learning and experience with someone special in my life. I am in love. Love always wins.”

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