Most popular royal baby names across the world – as Archie is beaten by George and William

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EAGER royalists are watching on with excitement as not one but two new royal babies are waiting to be named.

Princess Eugenie gave birth to her first child last week, a son, while her cousin Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle announced yesterday they’re expecting their second child.

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Harry, Meghan and Archie all made the list although, the name Archie was ranked 16th

Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s young tot is yet to be named, and it’s still very early days for the Duke and Duchess with the sex of the baby still unknown.

The experts at were intrigued to see which royal inspired baby names are most popular across the globe – and William and Elizabeth are pretty high up the ranks.

In third place is the name William with 6,351,385 people across the globe bearing the same name as the Duke of Cambridge.

Only beaten by James, the name of the Earl of Wessex’s son, James, Viscount Severn, and Peter, Princess Anne’s first born.

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The names George and William proved more popular than Archie – with more people worldwide bearing the same name

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  1. James – 8,807,695
  2. Peter – 7,469,320
  3. William – 6,351,385
  4. Charles – 4,948,767
  5. Mark – 4,592,330
  6. George – 3,950,011
  7. Andrew – 3,233,978
  8. Edward – 2,636,584
  9. Louis – 1,544,657
  10. Timothy – 1,482,796
  11. Jack – 101,554
  12. Mike – 1,069,247
  13. Harry – 815,837
  14. Phillip – 645,764
  15. Archie – 95,380
  16. Edoardo – 37,603