New Trailer for Alarming ‘The People vs. Agent Orange’ Documentary


"They spray people!" Films for Humanity has revealed a new official trailer for the upcoming US release of a documentary titled The People vs. Agent Orange, co-directed by Alan Adelson & Kate Taverna (of Lodz Ghetto, In Bed with Ulysses). This was originally made to air on TV in Europe, and it also premiered at the Eugene Environmental Film Festival in Oregon last fall. The film then debuts in the US in select theaters this March. The Agent Orange catastrophe did not end with the Vietnam War. Today, a primary chemical of the toxic defoliant causes deformed births and deadly cancers. After decades of struggle and tragic personal losses, two heroic women are leading a worldwide movement to end the plague and hold the manufacturers accountable. Even though it was banned in Vietnam, the dangerous herbicide Agent Orange is still affecting people today. This is an important story we need to hear so that this kind of chemical warfare will be ended. ›››

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