Fade into Harlem After Dark – ‘IWOW: I Walk on Water’ Doc Trailer


"[A] deep dive into Harlem after dark…" Dogwoof has unveiled the first trailer for the upcoming UK release of a documentary called I Walk on Water, also known as IWOW: I Walk on Water, from visionary artist Khalik Allah (of Black Mother most recently). The basic description says this is "an intimate and visually stunning" exploration of Harlem. But here's what it's really about: inspired by psychedelic mushrooms, the filmmaker sees himself as a reincarnation of Jesus, with his mission of charity among Harlem's poor. Very interesting. Allah, who made his debut with the 2015 documentary Field Niggas, explained: "My objective hasn't changed, it's always been to keep it real with myself; to stay true to my vision and to have the courage to express it cinematically. IWOW is a sort of first-person documentary poem; a statement of my artistic integrity and my uncompromising dedication to the streets." Looks like a mesmerizing trip around Harlem. ›››

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