Lauren Goodger and Rhian Sugden reveal secrets of their fridge and what it tells us about them

THE Royal Family rarely shares what goes on behind closed doors.

But Prince Charles this weekend revealed the contents of his fridge at the Castle of Mey in Scotland.

PA:Press Association

Prince Charles revealed the contents of his fridge at the Castle of Mey in Scotland


The chiller was installed by the Queen Mother 67 years ago

The chiller, installed by the Queen Mother 67 years ago, was packed with 12 bottles of wine, milk, margarine, orange juice, eggs and milk.

Food psychologist Dr Christy Fergusson says you can tell a lot about a person from their fridge. She said: “Our fridges can say a lot about who we are, our priorities and how we want to live our lives.

“Unsurprisingly the Royal Family are all about tradition and etiquette, which you can tell from this antique fridge.

“Prince Charles is very keen for his castle guests to be looked after. There’s a chilled glass of white at the ready for visitors.”

Here, celebs reveal what is lurking on their shelves and Dr Christy gives her verdict.


Towie and reality TV star

My fridge is a little bare so obviously I will be doing some more shopping.

I’ve got some fruit and yoghurt but I need to get some meat and some veg which I usually cook with spices.

Rex Features

Lauren’s fridge suggests that she isn’t too worried about having meals planned far in advance

I’m a big water drinker so I love the Brita filter. You’ve absolutely got to stay hydrated – especially when expecting!

My Branston pickle and mayonnaise are great for sandwiches.

For fillings, I’ve got my lovely ham and frankfurters – who doesn’t like frankfurters?

I’ve got some bacon which I’ve left in my fridge for ages. But it’s still in date so it’ll do!

Lauren says her Branston pickle and mayonnaise are great for sandwiches

I love soup with crusty bread. It’s perfect for lunch or dinner depending what mood I’m in.

It’s just so easy to eat.

DR CHRISTY’S VERDICT: Lauren’s fridge suggests that she is a busy mum-to-be who isn’t too worried about having meals planned far in advance but prefers to see what she feels like at the time.


Former Page 3 model

Protein yoghurts are great to have for breakfast over some granola or after a workout – which are few and far between at the moment.

They fill me up for longer, which means less snacking throughout the day. I don’t know about anyone else but all I’ve wanted to do in lockdown is eat.

Stewart Williams – The Sun

Rhian’s fridge highlights how she is prioritising her wellbeing

They are really tasty too and come in pouch form so that you can slurp through the lid for a snack on the go.

I love a ginger shot in the morning too. Not only does it wake up your taste buds but it gives you a great kickstart to the day.

I’ve made a conscious effort to cut down drinking over the last few months and these low-calorie drinks have made this much easier.

They are delicious – flavoured fizzy water mixed with a hint of alcohol. You can get some without alcohol, but we don’t have to take all the fun out.

The fridge is packed with fresh, tasty, yet functional foods

My fridge isn’t used for just food at the moment, I have a few boxes of IVF meds in there too.

A large batch of my meds need to be kept refrigerated until mixed. So they are sat there waiting for round four, which can hopefully happen soon.

DR CHRISTY’S VERDICT: With ginger shots, protein yoghurts and lots of leafy greens, Rhian’s fridge highlights how she is prioritising her wellbeing. With the fridge packed with fresh, tasty, yet functional foods you can see that supporting her health and fertility is important to Rhian.


Strictly dancer

I’m a little bit addicted to energy drinks but it’s OK because they’re sugar-free and packed with vitamins.

I usually have one in the afternoon before I teach my online lockdown dance classes to give me an extra boost,.

Giovanni’s fridge is fuel for his busy schedule

I try to cut out dairy wherever possible because I find it can make me a bit lethargic. Also it’s a small change I can make towards helping out the environment.

I usually go for Almond milk as it tastes great in coffee, but I like oat as well, and coconut is great with cereal and hot chocolate.

A controversial topic but I always keep my bananas in the fridge. They’re my go-to snack and help me concentrate, so I tend to buy in bulk.

Keeping them in the fridge helps them last longer – don’t judge me! And who doesn’t love spaghetti and meatballs?

The fridge contains vitamin-packed energy drinks, soups, meat and fresh vegetables

I usually have this or spaghetti bolognaise at least once a week and make it for me and my housemate.

I’m not a particularly adventurous cook but with these two dishes, I can’t go wrong. I am Italian after all.

DR CHRISTY’S VERDICT: Vitamin-packed energy drinks, soups, meat and fresh vegetables, you can tell from Giovanni’s fridge that food is fuel for him.


TV cleaning queen

Don’t tell anyone but Mr Woodburn and I do have a penchant for bramley apple pies.

I like having them with either custard or cream – later on, we’re going to devour the remains of a lemon meringue pie.

Rex Features

Kim isn’t fussed about spending hours in the kitchen

I can’t get enough of tomatoes – they are my absolutely favourite food. I’ll have some fresh ones served up in a salad – just delicious.

Or I’ll even have gallons of spicy tomato juice with bucket loads of ice. Please don’t cringe but I keep most of my goodies in my freezer.

If I don’t fancy cooking from scratch, my husband Pete and I will have individual frozen lamb roast dinners or a curry.

We eat a lot of chips in my house – and we always have a bag of frozen fries to hand. It’s served me well so far – I’m 78, have all my own teeth and can run up and down the stairs.

Her fridge proves she isn’t someone to get swept up by the latest fad diet

I use a lot of tinned food in my cooking – they last for ages and are good value. But if I don’t finish off a tin I’ll make sure I keep the leftovers in a tupperware.

In my fridge at the moment I’ve got half a tin of tuna leftover from a salad and some tinned peas which I didn’t polish off.

DR CHRISTY’S VERDICT: You can tell that while Kim has many favourite dishes she isn’t fussed about spending hours in the kitchen or planning meals around sell-by dates. She knows what she likes and isn’t someone who is going to get swept up by any of the latest fad diets or fancy food trends.


Blur bassist, cheesemaker

Ready made bottled sauces are such great value. It’s good fun mixing them together – tomato ketchup and mayonnaise is a total knockout.

I have lots of half empty jars as well.

Damien McFadden – The Sun

Alex’s fridge shows that food is a real pleasure and comfort for him

Not sure why that happens but it does – they just accumulate like odd socks in a sock drawer.

I was the last one up this morning and the full fat milk has all gone. That is very annoying.

It tastes so much richer and is especially delicious on cereals and in coffee.

It doesn’t actually have very much fat in it anyway. I think it’s worth a few extra calories.

It is packed with tasty leftovers, homemade cheese and home baking

I love leftovers too, they’re so much better than the first time around – especially KFC and Chinese takeaway – the breakfasts of champions.

I see the mac and cheese has gone solid, like a big cheesy cake.

I think I’ll have a big slice of that for lunch, cold with some salad greens. You can never have too much cheese.

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The stuff in the glass container with the red lid is called Ogleshield and is the current family favourite because it has incredible melting properties.

It turns into bubbling golden lava which is proving very popular poured on jacket spuds around here – a proper winter warmer .

DR CHRISTY’S VERDICT: Packed with tasty leftovers, homemade cheese and home baking you can tell from Alex’s fridge that food is a real pleasure and comfort for him.

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