Married At First Sight Australia’s Tamara and Mick ‘hooked up after the show for revenge after Jess and Dan’s affair’

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MARRIED At First Sight Australia’s Tamara Joy and Mick Gould hooked up after the show finished for ‘revenge’, according to fans.

Tamara and Mick were spotted strolling around arm-in-arm once filming for series six of the hit telly show had wrapped.

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MAFS Australia’s Mick and Tamara hooked up after the show wrapped, fans claim

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The pair were both wronged by spouses Jessika Power and Dan Webb

The pair were pictured looking cosy as they headed out to celebrate Tamara’s 30th birthday in Melborne, Australia.

At the time, viewers were convinced it was payback for Mick’s wife Jessika Power having an affair with Tamara’s hubby Dan Webb.

One fan tweeted: “Revenge will be sweet for Mick and Tamara!”

Another added: “Ultimate revenge! Tamara and Mick have been photographed with their hands all over each other!”

Farmer Mick married Jessika on the show
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Tamara and Dan wed midway through series 6

Brit fans are currently gripped by series six of Married At First Sight Australia, which first aired Down Under in 2019.

While on the show, ‘diva’ Jessika sparked up an affair with Dan, who, together with Tamara, arrived midway through the series.

At the time, an insider told Australia’s New Idea: “Jess set her sights on Dan within minutes of meeting him.

“She didn’t even hide the fact, telling the other girls she found him attractive, knowing full well Mick could hear her.

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Jessika embarked on an affair with Dan behind Mick’s back
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The pair would sneak off to spend time together

“He pulled her up about it because she was being so blatant and drooling over him at the dinner party.”

The pair then began lying to Mick and Tamara and meeting up behind their backs.

Jessika even requested her own apartment, telling Mick she needed it so they could work on their marriage.

Mick and Tamara were said to be blindsided by the affair

She then used it to meet up with rugby player and dad-of-one Dan.

Speaking of the moment the Jessika and Dan finally confessed, the insider said: “Mick ran out in tears, Tamara was so furious she stormed off set too, and everyone else was so angry with them both.”

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Despite the deceit, however, Tamara later forgave Jessika and was even snapped on holiday with her once the show had ended.

Farmer Mick, meanwhile, has moved on and found love with The Bachelor’s Kayla Gray.

Married At First Sight Australia is currently airing on E4 in the UK.

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