Official Trailer for Lesbian Couple Adoption Drama ‘Rain Beau’s End’


"My safe spot was always us…" "'Was?'" Lesflicks has debuted an official US trailer for an intimate, indie raising-a-family drama titled Rain Beau's End, the latest from filmmaker Tracy Wren. This premiered at the qFLIX LGBTQ+ Virtual Film Festival last fall, and arrives on VOD sometime soon this year. Rain Beau's End tells the story of two women who adopt a child with a mislabeled & misunderstood genetic condition that forces the couple to navigate the bumpy waters of the boy's behavioral issues. This not only affects all their lives but teaches them the true meaning of acceptance. "Will they stand for their values while trying to raise a loving family in the spotlight?" Starring Amanda Powell & Janelle Snow as the couple, with Ed Asner, Sean Young, Christian Stolte, Melanie Chandra, and Cindy Chang. Give this a look below. ›››

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