Salma Hayek slams claims she married billionaire husband François-Henri Pinault for money and snaps ‘whatever, b***h!’

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SALMA Hayek has rubbished claims that she married billionaire businessman François-Henri Pinault for money, snapping “whatever, b***h!”

The stunning actress, 54, clapped back at claims she only tied the knot in 2009 because of the Frenchman’s wealth, despite being with him for over 15 years.

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Salma Hayek clapped back at claims she only tied the knot in 2019 because of the Frenchman’s wealth
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Salma said ‘whatever, b****h’ to claims she married François-Henri Pinault for money

2019 Bauer-Griffin

Salma Hayek, her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault and Pinault’s daughter, Mathilde are seen on August 02, 2019 in Los Angeles, California


Salma praised her husband and said people ‘cannot begin to guess the magic in him’

Salma, who shares a 13-year-old daughter Valentina with François, didn’t hold back during Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast as she brushed the speculation aside.

She said: “In pictures you cannot begin to guess the magic in him. He’s made me become a much better person and grow in such a good, healthy way.

“When I married him, everybody said, ‘Oh, it’s an arranged marriage. She married him for the money.’

“I’m like, ‘Yeah, whatever, b**ch. Think what you want. Fifteen years together.’ And we are strong in love, and I don’t even get offended.”

After Salma put the matter to rest, host Shepard revealed that Salma’s hubby – who has three kids from a previous marriage – is “so foxy.”

The Bliss star, who appears alongside Owen Wilson in the 2021 film, also opened up about François’ hectic schedule and how they balance family time.

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Salma snapped that people can ‘think what they want’

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She’s been married to for 15 years

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She shares a daughter with her husband of 15 years

“My guy finishes work, no matter how hard it was, and trust me, he has a lot of responsibilities, big smile on his face, happy to be home, happy to see me and the kids, make us laugh,” she shared.

“We go on vacation, he completely shuts off. He’s in the moment,” Salma added, before revealing why the criticism of their relationship is troubling.

“It’s not just an insult to me,” she explained. “I’m not the one being judged only.

“They cannot begin to imagine what a joy that human being is.”

During the candid interview, Salma also addressed the traumatic experience filming a sex scene for her breakout role in the 1993 movie Desperado.


She revealed that she wasn’t prepared for the sex scene in Desperado (1993)

Salma said Antonio Banderas was a ‘gentleman’ about the scene

The actress said she was never pressured to do it but felt awkward

She wasn’t aware there would be such an intimate scene between her and Hollywood hunk, Antonio Banderas, now 60, and recalled how she “started to sob” when they began filming.

“One of the things I was afraid of was Antonio — he was an absolute gentleman and so nice, and we’re still super close friends — but he was very free,” Salam shared.

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“It scared me that for him, it was like nothing. I started crying, and he was like, ‘Oh my God. You’re making me feel terrible.’ And I was so embarrassed that I was crying.”

However, she emphasized how Banderas and director Robert Rodriguez, “never put pressure” on her and did their best to make her comfortable.

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She continued: “I was not letting go of the towel. They would try to make me laugh. I would take it off for two seconds and start crying again. But we got through it. We did the best with what we could do at the time.”

“When you’re not you, then you can do it. But I keep thinking of my father and my brother.

“And are they going to see it? And are they going to get teased? Guys don’t have that. Your father will be, ‘Yeah! That’s my son!’”

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Salma said she was ‘so embarrassed that I was crying’


Salma shows off her curves at the beach

Splash News

Salma alongside co-star Owen Wilson in ‘Bliss’ (2021)

Getty Images – Getty

Salma Hayek Pinault, wearing Gucci, attends the 2019 LACMA Art + Film Gala Presented By Gucci at LACMA

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