Teen Mom Chelsea Houska calls husband Cole DeBoer a ‘dad I’d like to f**k’ as family fights $3M lawsuit

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TEEN Mom star Chelsea Houska referred to her husband Cole DeBoer as a “DILF,” just weeks after she gave birth to their youngest daughter, Walker.

The couple, who got married in 2016, are in the midst of fighting a $3 million lawsuit.


Chelsea Houska’s husband Cole DeBoer wore a ‘DILF’ shirt in her Instagram Story

Chelsea welcomed daughter Walker – her fourth child and third with Cole – in late January, but she’s proving to fans that having kids has only made her husband seem more attractive to her.

She posted a photo of Cole on her Instagram Story earlier this week of him wearing a tight-fitting black T-shirt, showing off his arm tattoos, that read: “DILF.”

The acronym is a popular phrase that stands for “Dad I’d Like to F**k.”

Along with Walker, the parents also share son Watson, four, and daughter Layne, two, and Chelsea is mom to daughter Aubree, 11, from her previous relationship with Adam Lind.

Chelsea is mom to four kids, including three with Cole
She recently welcomed their baby girl Walker

Teen Mom 2 fans slammed Cole’s shirt and Chelsea, 29, for boasting about it on social media.

“I would be absolutely mortified if my husband wore this,” wrote one Reddit user.

Another simply said: “No. Just NO.”

An annoyed third commenter wrote: “They act like they’re immature 15 year olds who just entered the dating world and had sex for the first time in their lives and everybody’s gotta know about it. No thanks!”

DILF stands for ‘Dad I’d Like to F**k’

Fans said they’d be ‘mortified’ if their husband wore a shirt like Cole’s

One concerned Redditer said the whole thing was a big “yikes” because they’re “Pretty sure Aubree is at the age where she could figure out that acronym.”

Others took this as an opportunity to bring up Chelsea and Cole’s current legal issues.

“Maybe he’ll wear this to his court date,” one person suggested.

Another created a new version of the acronym, writing: “Dad I’d Like to File a lawsuit against?”

Chelsea and Cole, 32, were sued by a consulting company for $3 million for allegedly withholding money made from social media promotions. 


Others slammed the couple for being ‘immature’


Some joked about the shirt while referring to Chelsea and Cole’s current lawsuit

The two are currently fighting a $3 million lawsuit

Court papers obtained exclusively by The Sun claim the Teen Mom stars “failed to pay any of the contractually required fees.”

The MTV stars also allegedly “both failed to perform, without any cause or reason, many of their responsibilities” to brands.

Chelsea and Cole denied the allegations.

The Teen Mom 2 alum requested the fact discovery deadline, which includes her deposition where she will provide her testimony, be postponed from February to April 2021. 

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She begged a court for the delay because of her pregnancy and birth of daughter Walker, and a judge on the case approved the request. 

The family just finished building their massive $418,000 dream farmhouse in South Dakota in last year.

In January, the Teen Mom 2 star launched home decor line Aubree Says, named after her oldest child. 

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