Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry’s plastic surgeon Dr Miami shades her for getting pregnant after he gave her ‘full-body makeover’

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PLASTIC surgeon Dr. Miami called out Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry for getting pregnant right after he gave her body a complete makeover.

The mother of four has undergone a few different surgeries over the years, including a Brazilian butt lift and a tummy tuck.


Dr. Miami shaded his client Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry in a new TikTok video

Kailyn, 28, has been open about her various cosmetic procedures over the years, especially her 2016 body overhaul by Michael “Dr. Miami” Salzhauer.

When she got those operations done a few years ago, she was already mom to son Lincoln with ex Javi Marroquin and son Isaac with ex Jonathan Rivera.

It was right afterward that she got pregnant with her third child, son Lux with Chris Lopez, and Dr. Miami shaded her about the not-so-optimal timing of it all on TikTok.

The doctor wore a surgical mask and headcap and banged his fist agains the wall in the clip.

Instagram/Kailyn Lowry

He called her out for having a baby right after he gave her body a full makeover


He slammed his hand on the wall in his office in the video

“When you give her a full body makeover but then she gets pregnant,” he wrote overtop the video, which ended with the background song completing his thought.

The lyrics told viewers: “That’s some bullsh*t”

He continued to share his annoyance, captioning the post: “After all that work I did 😫 #fyp #drmiami #xyzbca #tiktokfashionmonth #thissomebullshyt”

One of his viewers happened to be none other than his client Kailyn.

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He said it was ‘bullsh*t’ that she got pregnant after all the work had been done

Kailyn commented on the video, saying he ‘didn’t have to attack’ her

She took to the comments to let everyone know she’s aware of just who he’s referring to in the video.

The 28-year-old Teen Mom slammed him for it, writing: “You didn’t have to attack me like this”

He responded to her with a couple emojis: “😳😂

A bunch of Kailyn’s fans jumped in to say that they’re glad she saw the video because they all knew it was about her, too, and were going to tag her in it.


Kailyn got a bunch of different procedures done in 2016


The reality star got a Brazilian butt lift

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She also got a tummy tuck

In 2016, Kailyn underwent a few different surgeries with Dr. Miami, including a Brazilian butt lift, a tummy tuck and a neck liposuction.

She was also set to have a boob job and liposuction in 2018 but revealed she backed out at the last minute.

At the time, the TV personality tweeted: “I won’t lie to y’all, I came to Miami for lipo & a boob job.

“But hours before my surgery I decided I don’t want to go through with it.”

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Kailyn is now a mother of four

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She had two kids before the surgeries and two after

She also recently revealed she is “planning a breast reduction” after the admitting she is “not happy” with herself.

The MTV star, who just scored a deal with Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty lingerie line, took to her Instagram Stories to answer some questions from fans, when one person decided to ask her her “bra size.”

She responded: “36DDD but planning a breast reduction,” as she also added a fingers crossed emoji.

Kailyn, who has also been open about getting lip injections, would later say: “We live in such a weird time that if we do something, if we get work done, it’s almost frowned upon.

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She’s also been open with her followers about all of her lip fillers, as well

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She recently revealed she wants to get a breast reduction

“But I just feel like a lot of us want it and we don’t really know about it and if more people talked about it, we could be more open about it.”

Earlier this month, the mother of four revealed she is a brand ambassador for Rihanna’s lingerie line, as she announced the news while posing in a Savage lilac lace bra and silky black kimono.

After having her third child Lux in 2017, Kailyn just had another child last year, son Creed, also with ex Chris Lopez.

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After giving birth to her youngest child, she revealed her mission to drop 50 pounds.

“My goal right now is to drop 50 pounds and join the Air Force Reserves. I have to get my head in the game,” she said in a Coffee Convos chat in September.

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