The Couch Console modular essentials holder holds a drink, charges your phone, and more

The Couch Console modular essentials holder 01

Use The Couch Console modular essentials holder as a snack cup, charging dock, remote tray, storage, cupholder, and more. It’s the solution to having your accessories scattered around the living room, so you have your items at hand. Furthermore, this useful gadget features a self-balancing cup compartment to always keep your drink in a vertical position. It even comes with a charging cable to keep your device topped up while you’re watching TV. And there’s ample space to store snacks for nibbles while you watch a movie. Plus, it includes a storage component that keeps accessories safe and tidy. Best of all, you can adjust the modules to accommodate your items, allowing you to constantly redesign this modular essentials holder when you need to. Overall, it’s a convenient way to keep everything you need by your side.

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