The Internet’s Wishing Elizabeth Olsen A Happy Birthday

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Happy birthday, Elizabeth Olsen! The actress, most known as Marvel’s Scarlet Witch, turns 32 this February 16th. And, given that we’re all currently obsessed with her in Disney Plus’ WandaVision, the internet is exploding with birthday wishes from fans.

The younger sister of 90s icons Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Elizabeth has also starred in the likes of Godzilla and Wind River, but it was her casting as Wanda Maximoff in Avengers: Age of Ultron that really rocketed her to superstardom. She then played Wanda in three more movies – Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame – but never got the bulk of the screen time. That all changed with WandaVision, though, the first Marvel Studios TV series and the opening entry in Phase 4, which puts her and Paul Bettany’s Vision front and center.

Below, you can find just a sample of what folks are saying online to honor her birthday:

Happy birthday to the one and only Elizabeth Olsen. #HappyBirthdayElizabethOlsen

— Avani Mahi (@avanimahi5) February 16, 2021

Happy birthday #ElizabethOlsen aka #WandaMaximoff thanks a lot for your incredible #Wanda

— Kard (@struckbyColfer) February 16, 2021

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Olsen✨❤

— angela ♡ (@mcu_angela) February 16, 2021

As Scarlet Witch wasn’t one of the most famous characters in Marvel’s pantheon before, Olsen’s performance has helped make Wanda a favorite for countless fans, as you can see below:

Happy birthday to Elizabeth Olsen, thank you for bringing Wanda Maximoff to life in the way that you have. You have helped turn her into one of my favorite Marvel characters. You continue to constantly crush it. Have a marvelous birthday! #WandaMaximoff

— ethan 🍿 (@Ethan_hall_4) February 16, 2021

Happy birthday to the queen herself, #ElizabethOlsen ❤

— No_One☽ (@Natt_Catt12) February 16, 2021

Happy 32nd birthday to Elizabeth Olsen 🤍

— best of elizabeth olsen (@eolsenarchive) February 16, 2021

New WandaVision Posters Show Less Revealing Outfits For Scarlet Witch

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Happy Birthday to the most talented Elizabeth Olsen, our Scarlet Witch 🎂

(gif: @GuggaLeunnam | #WandaVision)

— cosmic (@cosmic_marvel) February 16, 2021

“The most powerful Avenger.” That’s right, they said it.

happy birthday elizabeth olsen, the most powerful avenger ♥

— warren (@wdvsaga) February 16, 2021

WandaVision has been unleashing new episodes weekly since January 15th, with the next one debuting this Friday. Audiences have responded well to its unusual sitcom-like tone, mixed with its ongoing mystery of what’s going in with Westview and how Vision can be alive, and it’s currently the most popular TV show in the world, judging by social media attention and search engine activity.

With just three episodes left (unless there’s a secret 10th outing), the drama will start to ramp up as the answers finally roll out. Olsen’s been consistently great so far, but no doubt there’s some exciting, challenging stuff for her still to come, especially if Wanda becomes a villain as we’re expecting.

Wishing you many happy returns (to the MCU), Elizabeth Olsen!

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