Dani Dyer reveals extreme ‘night sweats’ after birth and says she doesn’t shower ‘all day’ as she panics about Santiago

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DANI Dyer revealed that she’s experiencing extreme “night sweats” after giving birth and admitted she doesn’t shower “all day” as she panics about baby Santiago.

The 24-year-old star opened up about the realities of motherhood explaining that she’s having severe postpartum sweating.

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Dani Dyer opened up about her extreme postpartum night sweats

The Love Island beauty gave birth to her first child last month with boyfriend Sammy Kimmence.

Speaking on Sorted with the Dyers, she said: ““Dad, I’m telling you now the hot sweats I get in the night time – Oh my God, the smell under my armpits. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

“Apparently it’s so normal, you just sweat. I wake up and there is a puddle. It’s really bad.

“What upsets me, is Santi obviously with the breastfeeding he is under my armpit and I think my poor son.

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The new mum said she doesn’t shower ‘all day’ because she’s rushed off her feet

“It is common, I think it’s because of the hormones.”

EastEnders star Danny Dyer added: “So he thinks your natural smell is of someone that doesn’t wash.

“You’ve got to be careful because when you put a bit of perfume on, he won’t want to go near you. He’ll go who’s this f***ing stranger.”

Dani also revealed that she is really ‘enjoying’ being a new mum after she spent the first few days feeling overwhelmed.

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Dani showed off her glam look after taking some time for herself

She added: “I’m getting there now, don’t get me wrong. There are days when I haven’t figured it out, I haven’t showered all day.

“There was a stage, I remember sitting there all day thinking ‘am I doing it wrong?’

“In the end I need to take a step back and enjoy him, every baby is different.”

The Love Island star gushed over the sweet tot and told her fans that their newborn is the spitting image of dad Sammy.


Danny said that baby Santiago has got Sammy’s eyes

She said: “I feel like he’s got Sammy’s eyes – they’re really wide and oval. He’s delicious.

She joked: “He’s always on the search for a nipple.”

The new mum finally found some time for herself after she told her fans that she was “feeling good” after treating herself to a pamper session before posing for a glam selfie.

Taking to her Instagram Story, the star looked relaxed and refreshed as she showed off her glossy styled hair to fans.

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Danny and Sammy welcomed their first child last month

She showed off her natural beauty as she posed make-up free in a pair of oversized glasses, her light hair curled into loose waves around her shoulder.

The Love Island favourite was still dressed casually in trusty silk pyjamas, but the hair wash had done her the world of good.

Dani captioned the post: “Managed to wash my hair and dressing-gown-curl it today. It’s the little things that make you feel good.”

She previously admitted to fans that she took more than six days to wash her hair after giving birth to her bundle of joy.

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Dani said she is getting the hang of motherhood now
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Dani confessed that she was so swept up in caring for her son that she hadn’t taken the time for herself as she enjoyed life in a new mum bubble.

Dani welcomed Santiago on 23 January, her and boyfriend Sammy’s first child.

She has been openly documenting her journey into motherhood on social media, but has been forced to hit back at several mum-shamers who have made cruel comments about her parenting skills.

At the weekend, Dani had to take to her Story to reassure followers that she wasn’t “overheating” Santiago after she shared a sweet picture of him in a pram-suit – before she had to defend her “naughty” pun jumper.

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