Jisu Yang HAZY concept air-purifying window uses sunlight to purify your home

Jisu Yang HAZY Concept Air Purifying Window 01

The Jisu Yang HAZY concept air-purifying window purifies the air inside of your home using direct sunlight and provides privacy without requiring curtains or blinds. Therefore, this is great if you live in an apartment and constantly have to battle between receiving fresh air and having privacy. Furthermore, this concept air-purifying window is easy to install into the window frame. And it works as a standalone unit that you can use anywhere indoors. It also features an air vent and a fan that connects to the outside. The fan blows air through the filter, which then purifies your home. Impressively, HAZY boasts an LED display. This notifies you of the concentration of particulates in the air. In summary, it’s a great way to breathe fresher air without any extra gadgets in your home.

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