Married at First Sight Australia fans praise Mike Gunner for FINALLY confronting Jessika Power for her ‘s*** stirring’

MARRIED at First Sight fans have praised Mike Gunner for FINALLY confronting Jessika Power for her “s*** stirring”.

Mike, 45, slammed Jess at an explosive dinner party showdown, saying that she needed to be held “accountable” for the dramas she had caused throughout the experiment.


Mike Gunner slammed Jessika Power in an explosive showdown

The show, which was first filmed in Australia in 2018 but is only airing in the UK now, has viewers hooked as Jessika embarks on an affair with fellow contestant Dan behind ‘wife’ Tamara Joy’s back.

On Monday night’s episode, the brides were having a girls’ night away from their husbands when Jess faced heat for her and Dan’s relationship.

Dan’s wife Tamara confronted her for saying she wanted to sleep with him, and in a bid to deflect the attention, Jess told Ning Surasiang that her husband Mark Scriven wasn’t being genuine and was planning to date “loads of women” after the show.

Fans have slammed “evil” Jess and Martha for turning on Ning to “distract from her affair”.


Jessika was called out for ‘s**t stirring’ throughout the experiment

Last night’s dinner party got off to an explosive start with rumours swirling around the bombshell that dropped from the previous night.

Earlier in the episode, Mike and Heidi discussed what was said at the girl’s night out, with a frustrated Mike saying: “Jess has some nerve bringing Mark into this. I don’t understand this girl, she is the height of rudness.

“We have one simple objective here, to get married and it’s become mayhem. This drama, I just want it to end.”

Speaking to the camera before the dinner party, he added: “I think the gloves are going to come off tonight.”


Mike and Jess clashed following a bombshell that Jess dropped on the girl’s night

Shocked by the claims, Ning confronted Mark and the duo planned to discuss it privately with Mick and Jess to get to the bottom of what was said.

But, good pal Mike wasted no time in calling Jess out on her “vindictive” actions.

Mike was seen probing Jess over the claims as the couples gathered together ahead of dinner, and called his co-star “weak and dishonest”, as she said she didn’t want to discuss it in front of the group.

Speaking to Jess in front of the group, Mike questioned: “Jess what did you say about Mark last night?”


The pair continued their feud in an uncomfortable dinner party

Jess replied: “If Mark wants to speak to me, he can speak to me in private. I don’t want to speak in front of the group.”

Mark then piped up asking Jess why she said those comments, with Jess simply replying that she didn’t want Ning to “waste her time with someone who’s not here for the right reasons”.

But Mike wasn’t backing down and hit back: “That’s some audacity coming from you an opinion on someone else’s relationship, being faithful.”

Jess refused to address the matter with the group, resulting in Mike calling her “weak”, adding if you’re going to drag someone’s name through the mud then you should explain your actions.


Fans have slammed Jessika as “evil” for stirring up trouble between Ning and Mark

He added: “Are you just stirring the pot again?” Leave everyone else’s relationship to themselves. Stick to your knitting.”

But the drama wasn’t over and pair went for round two – sat next to each other at the table, things then turned personal between the pair.

Trying to clear the air, Mike said: “I do know what was said, I was just giving you an opportunity to explain it from your perspective. At some point you’re going to be held accountable for what you say, it’s called a comeuppance.”

Mike’s exchange with Jess got more and more heated – he hit back at her for dragging him into drama in the past.


Jessika and Dan Webb have kept viewers hooked with their affair

He then made jibes at her “trout pout and selfies”, claiming that she was “delighting in other people’s misery”.

It all kicked off again when he said that he felt the need to call out someone when they constantly “throw the spanner in the works” and claimed she only apologised under “duress”.

Mike’s wife Heidi was less than impressed with the feud and the experts slammed Mike for his condescending attitude towards Jess.

But several fans have flocked to defend Mike, with one writing: “Are the experts confused? Mike is calling Jess out who is always s**t stirring.”


A number of fans said Mike was right to call Jess out on her behaviour

Another posted: “Mike did the right thing confronting Jess. Her s**t stirring has impacted a lot of people, so why wouldn’t he address her in a group setting.”

A third shared: “I’m so glad Mike confronted Jess, she’s not been held accountable at all. Everything Mike said was true, he has really gone up in my estimations this episode.”

Another added: “Very confused at how Mike is made to look the bad guy? Jess has shown herself to be absolutely awful and childish. He’s simply stating facts.”

Meanwhile, Jess continued to step up the flirtation with Dan at the dinner table – they later sneaked off for a private chat and a smooch behind their partner’s back.


Jessika has kept ‘hubby’ Mick Gould in the experiment for ulterior motives

The pair revealed that they were planning to secretly plot to stay in the experiment together as a new couple.

Growing tired of all the secrecy, Dan stole Jess away from the group and revealed his plan for the pair to go public with their romance at the next commitment ceremony.

They both agreed to write leave with their current partners and then ask experts if they can stay on as a new couple.

Dan told Jess: “It’s getting hard doing this. I can’t keep doing this behind Tam’s back, the more I’ve fought it, the more I wanted to speak to you.

Jess and Dan are secretly plotting to recouple
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“You’re pretty. You’re easy to talk to, I’ve come here to find love… the girl I want to spend the rest of my life, Going into the commitment ceremony tomorrow, I think we need to say something.”

Revealing his plan, Dan said: “I want to come clean and let everyone know the way I feel about you. We should both write leave and maybe ask the experts if we can stay and me and you can try something.”

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