Oakywood Felt AirPods Pro Case features a layer of microfiber to protect your earbuds

Oakywood Felt AirPods Pro Case 01

Use the Oakywood Felt AirPods Pro Case to keep your earbuds safe and protected. Featuring an inner layer of microfiber fabric, this accessory keeps your earbuds firmly in place, free from scratches, and protected if you accidentally drop them. It’s also equipped with merino wool, which is non-toxic, feels soft in your pocket, and cushions your earbuds. Moreover, the Felt AirPods Pro Case features a clip that you can attach to your backpack, keys, pocket, belt, and more. Therefore, you’ll never lose your AirPods again. And opening the case is simple, thanks to the snap closure that provides a quick and convenient opening. And it’s also compatible with wireless charging, so you can keep your earbuds charged without having to remove the case. Finally, it’s available in two colors: Anthracite and Gray.

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