Stephen Bear says he’s sitting on £2m fortune in his loft after finding sealed Pokemon boxes and rare Charizard card

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STEPHEN Bear reckons he’s sitting on a £2million goldmine after uncovering a vast stash of sealed Pokemon cards.

The 31-year-old reality star dug out the collectibles, which can be hugely valuable, after trawling through his loft.

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Stephen Bear reckons he could be sitting on a £2m goldmine

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He showed fans the huge pile of Pokemon cards and unsealed boxes

The star, who was arrested in January after returning to the UK from Dubai and is now on bail, said he’d had them since he was a child.

He claimed he had accumulated so many of the cards because his friend’s dad ran a shop when he was little and gave him entire boxes.

Among his haul was the rare card featuring a Charizard, a fire-breathing Pokemon.

Bear told fans: “That card right there, that’s called a Charizard. Potentially this card could be worth about a quarter of a million pounds.

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The star showed off one of five sealed boxes of Pokemon cards on YouTube

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He pointed out a Charizard card he reckoned was the most valuable he had

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Bear uncovered his childhood goodies among bags of stuff in a loft

“That’s just for one card. Not only that but these boxes I’ve got, because they’re the first edition ones, the originals, they’re going for about three or four hundred grand per box.

“I’ve got I would say about two million pounds sitting here. I don’t know what to do – I’m really confused. I need some help. Wow.”

He explained: “My mate’s dad used to own a shop and he gave me loads and loads and loads of Pokemon boxes. I’m glad I’ve kept these boxes.”

Pokemon cards were a playground sensation in the 90s, when packs cost between £3 and £4.

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He explained that the card ‘could be worth a quarter of a million pounds’

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Today, some of them change hands for thousands online with sealed boxes of the type Bear has also vastly valuable.

He revealed the find while trawling through his parents’ loft on his Life Of Bear YouTube channel.

The star was arrested at Heathrow airport over claims he posted a sex video of his ex-girlfriend Georgia Harrison online, which he denies.

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