Counting On fans find more ‘clues’ Anna Duggar is pregnant with SEVENTH child as her face appears ‘fuller’ in new photo

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COUNTING On fans suspect Anna Duggar is pregnant with her SEVENTH child after she shared a photo with her face looking “puffy” and “swollen.”

Speculation began when fans noticed the 32-year-old with what appeared to be a baby bump in her sister-in-law Jessa Duggar‘s since-deleted video.


Fans believed Anna to be pregnant for a seventh time

The wife of the oldest Duggar child shared a selfie to her Instagram story yesterday that added to the suspicion.

Smiling while shopping with one of her six kids, the young mom captioned her shot: “Mother – Daughter shopping trip….”

The Counting On alum appeared to have more of a swollen face than normal in the photo, which fans quickly noticed.

A curious follower shared the picture on Reddit, where they wrote: “This is from today. Her face is as swollen as it typically is in her pregnancies.”


They noticed her face looking more ‘swollen’ than normal


Some speculated the mother to be having twins


Her children range in ages from 11 to one

Others were quick to agree, as several speculated twins might be on the horizon.

“She’s looking really puffy. #7 is totally on its way. I’m not sure about twins, though,” they admitted.

“This is her 7th pregnancy, she might just be popping super early because her uterus isn’t even trying anymore,” they continued.

“I’m guessing that it’s twins too…” another wrote, noting: “Anna looks way more swollen than normal.”


Jessa posted a video from a family party

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Anna appeared to have a bump while serving cake

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Jessa deleted the clip shortly after

Earlier this month, the TV personality appeared pregnant in a video shared from Henry Duggar’s birthday party.

While Jessa filmed the children eating cake and candy, fans noticed a round-looking Anna in the background.

The mom of six wore a cheetah print top accentuating her figure while serving food to the family.

Many were convinced that the South Florida native was enduring another pregnancy after she previously hinted towards the idea with her husband Josh Duggar.

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Anna has hinted at being open to having more kids

Instagram / @annaduggar

She and Josh live on the Duggar family compound

The Instagram account called Without a Crystal Ball snapped the video before it was deleted, potentially uncovering the news.

“Jessa Seewald might have accidentally exposed a family secret. She uploaded a video of Henry’s birthday party,” they captioned the clip.

“Then she quickly unlisted it & at the very end – a very pregnant looking Anna Duggar is cutting ice cream cake.

“Jessa has never uploaded a video & then unlisted one before,” they noted.

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Fans agreed she looked more ‘preggo’ than normal

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They have speculated since the holidays

Fans raced to the comments to agree, one sharing: “Oh my, she is so prego. Like months along looks like.

“She must have gotten prego months after the last one. These Duggar’s will never just not be prego.”

Another wrote: “Oh my gosh, she looks at least six months pregnant! That’s crazy she’s always announced soon after they found out!”

As Anna has been fairly open about her past babies, many were curious as to why “all the secrecy surrounding this pregnancy.”

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Fans are confused by the ‘secrecy’ after she openly documented her other six births

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Josh was fired from Counting On

Josh was removed from the TLC show after his sisters claimed he molested five girls between 2002 and 2003.

Despite the allegations, Josh and Anna have a plethora of children, including Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, Meredith, Mason, and Maryella, who is hardly a year old.

In December Anna shut down previous pregnancy rumors after posting a holiday photo with her family.

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Over the holidays she shut down the rumors

“Nope, not pregnant,” she shared with a rolling-eyes emoji.

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Josh, his wife, and children all live in his father Jim Bob Duggar’s warehouse, as The Sun exclusively revealed the 32-year-old is still unemployed and spends most of his time at his parents’ compound.

Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald just announced their fourth child on the way, due in Summer 2021.

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