Counting On fans suspect Joy-Anna Duggar dyed her hair darker as she rebels from strict family


COUNTING On fans suspect Joy-Anna Duggar dyed her hair a darker brown to rebel from her strict family.

Joy-Anna, 23, showed off darker locks while posing alongside her husband Austin Forsyth.


Joy-Anna Duggar seemingly dyed her hair a darker brown color[/caption]


Joy-Anna once donned light brown hair with blonde highlights[/caption]

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Counting On fans believe her new style reflects how she is rebelling from her strict family[/caption]

Joy-Anna captioned the photo with her Austin, 27: “Me: ‘lets take a pic.’ Austin: closes his eyes.

“Me: ‘what are you doing?’ Austin: ‘It makes me look peaceful’

“You always know how to make me laugh. I love you, @austin4site!”

In the snap Joy-Anna, flashed her super dark locks, which almost appeared to be black.


Joy-Anna is known to rebel against her father Jim Bob’s strict rules[/caption]

Earlier this year, Joy-Anna defied her dad Jim Bob’s strict no-TV rule, sharing she allows her 2-year-old son Gideon to watch movies and shows.

Though she’s fine with breaking Jim Bob’s family guidelines, she did share that one of her goals for the new year is to try to limit Gideon’s “movies to just 3 times a week.”

Joy-Anna’s sister, Jill, also revealed she watches Netflix with her husband, Derick, and their two young sons.

Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, have been working to distance themselves from Jim Bob and Michelle
Jill, 29, and Derick, 31, also shared last fall been distancing themselves from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Jill, 29, and Derick, 31, shared last fall that they have `been distancing themselves from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

She posted a photo of her sons Israel, 5, and Samuel, 3, watching television and captioned the sweet snap: “Christmas Movie time! The boys are watching #rudolphtherednosereindeer.”

She added: “We don’t currently own a TV, but we’ve had Netflix at different points and prefer to watch things on the internet or DVD on our laptops for now lol.”

Joy-Anna revealed she is having a hospital birth
Joy Anna told followers she was going against Duggar family rules by giving birth in a hospital rather than planning a home birth

In July, she also went against her conservative family’s strict dress code by showing off her bare shoulders in a tank top[/caption]

Joy-Anna has turned heads by wearing pants, breaking her family’s strict dress code.

In July, she also went against her conservative family’s dress code again by showing off her bare shoulders in a tank top.

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Over the summer, Joy-Anna told followers she was going to give birth in a hospital rather than planning a home birth, breaking another rule.

The mom-of-one shared a new vlog update, which focused on her packing her “practical and functional” hospital bag as she nears the 36th-week mark.

She shared with her fans: “I have been meaning to do this for a while, I’m 35 and a half weeks, so figured it would be good to have the bag ready just in case, if anything happens, we can grab the bag and go.”

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