Official Trailer for Heart-Wrenching LGBTQ Prisoner Romance ‘Luz’


"I came for you… You know that." Dark Star Pictures has revealed the official trailer for an intimate, indie drama titled Luz, one of the latest films from filmmaker Jon Garcia. Ruben Gonzales is a young Latino man who's fallen into the world of the mafiosos. When an accident leads him into incarceration, his relationship with the cartel and with his family is strained. While in prison, he falls in the complex hierarchical system until his cellmate and eventual lover Carlos, comes to his side and helps him find emotional and financial stability. When the men are released from prison 2 years apart, they again meet on the outside and while dealing with the circumstances that had them incarcerated in the first place, they ponder whether what they once had was real or just 2 people hoping to seek light in a dark place. Starring Ernesto Reyes as Ruben, and Jesse Tayeh as Carlos. This premiered at a few film festivals last year, and arrives on VOD this spring. ›››

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