Bachelor Matt James’ frontrunner Michelle Young breaks down in tears over romance ‘moving too fast’ during hometowns

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THE Bachelor star Michelle Young breaks down in tears over her romance with Matt James, as she admits its “moving too fast.”

Michelle is one of four women Matt has chosen for hometown dates, after a season of controversy, but it doesn’t look like the drama has ended.


Is it all over for Michelle and Matt?[/caption]


Michelle admits its moving too fast[/caption]

In a teaser clip for Monday’s episode, Michelle is seen in tears as she is reunited with her family.

But as her mom asks “does it seem too fast?” Michelle nods her head and begins to cry.

The 27-year-old was one of five women join the show in a surprise twist, weeks into the competition.

She is an elementary school teacher who was one of 32 women from all corners of the country in competition for the rose from Matt.

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Matt has four women left for hometown dates[/caption]

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Michelle was a latecomer to the competition[/caption]

The episode will see at least one girl leave the competition, as Matt reveals in the clip: “That’s now how I saw our journey ending.

“She couldn’t see herself as my wife.”

Matt’s top four for hometown dates are: Rachael KirkconnellMichelle YoungSerena Pitt, and Bri Springs.

Hometown dates will play out similarly to Tayshia Adam’s season due to Covid-19 restrictions.

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But the pair connected quickly[/caption]

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Rachael is considered the frontrunner[/caption]

“Their families came to Nemacolin just like on Tayshia’s season where their families traveled to the location of filming due to COVID,” gossip blogger Steve Carbone wrote.

Rachael is currently considered a favorite to win the affections of Matt, the first ever African-American Bachelor on the hit ABC dating show.

But she has been mired in a racism controversy which saw her publicly apologize for her “racist” past actions.

She’s been laying low at her parents’ home in Cumming, Georgia, a source told The Sun, after photos of the beauty attending an Old South-themed antebellum party in 2018 resurfaced.

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But she has become embroiled in a racism scandal
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Fans have called on Chris to step down[/caption]

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Before she apologized, The Bachelor host Chris Harrison made a series of “unacceptable” comments while chatting with former Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay – the first Black lead in the show’s history.

Chris asked fans to show “compassion” for Rachael, 24, spoke over the ex Bachelorette and claimed the racism problems were “okay” in 2018 but “not in 2021” – while adding he’s “not the woke police.”

Fans have now been calling for his resignation.

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