Bachelor star Kendall Long claims disgraced host Chris Harrison ‘needs to grow’ as ‘racist’ interview made her ‘cringe’

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KENDALL Long spoke out about Chris Harrison’s place on The Bachelor and the entire franchise which she says has “room to grow” and needs to “step up” to right their wrongs.

The Bachelor in Paradise star offered her opinion on the controversial host who was deemed “racist” after defending show finalist Rachael Kirkconnell in an interview.

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Bachelor star Kendall Long revealed that Chris Harrison’s interview made her ‘cringe’[/caption]

Kendall, 29, spoke to David Yontef on his Behind The Velvet Rope podcast about the changes that she believes both Chris and the Bachelor Nation as a whole need to address.

The reality star admitted that she doesn’t “agree with how Chris” handled the situation, and hopes to see genuine “growth in him.”

She shared: “I honestly, I don’t agree with how Chris conducted himself. I think he could’ve conducted himself so much better.

“And I think a lot of what he said, like made me cringe and I was like, I, it, it doesn’t seem like the Chris that I knew.”

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The past contestant believes he could’ve ‘conducted’ himself better[/caption]

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She said she hopes to see ‘growth’ in the long-time host[/caption]

Chris’s interview with Bachelorette alum Rachel Lindsay took place earlier this month, and the two argued over racist claims made against this season’s contestant Rachael.

Kendall continued: “So, and Rachel held herself really well in like a situation like that. I was actually, you know, I was glad to see that she handled herself so professionally, and it’s hard when you’re in a situation that is blatantly like not okay.

“And I think Chris taking some time off the show is good. It’s so important to be open and receptive of learning and to not have, not to put pride into anything.

“To try to defend a place that doesn’t have as much understanding there’s a lot of ignorance in that. So I definitely think he’s reflecting.”

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Chris interviewed with Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay[/caption]

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He stood up for Rachael Kirkconnell after she was accused of being ‘racist’[/caption]

Rachael received heavy backlash when old photos resurfaced of her attending an Old South Antebellum-themed party while in college.

While many claimed the current contestant was “racist” for taking part in an event supporting the Confederates, Chris jumped to her rescue.

Kendall continued that her hope for the ABC host and producer is to see that he has “learned” from his mistakes and teach the Bachelor Nation how to “do better moving forward.”

She explained: “You know, I think he needs to do a lot of growing. I would like to hear from, you know, in his own words, like seeing his face with more of an explanation about this and with more of, you know, what he’s learned from this and how we can do better moving forward.

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Rachael went to an Old South KA fraternity party
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Bachelor Nation

She later apologized for her actions[/caption]

“I think that, I think it has to be addressed on the show, you know? And whether that’s Chris saying something, whether that’s Rachel Lindsay coming back on, Matt James or Rachel or whoever, like I think something has to be addressed on the television show as opposed to just social media.”

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Chris has since stepped down from the Bachelor franchise, and sources have revealed it is “very unlikely” that he will return in the same context as he has for the past 20 years.

Kendall spoke her opinion on the future of the host’s Bachelor career, rationalizing: “Yeah if he’s going to continue to be on the show then yes, he has to be involved.

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Kendall shared hope that Chris will learn from his mistakes[/caption]

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She believes he is a ‘good person’[/caption]

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“You know, he’s also a producer of the show. So he is always going to be involved in Bachelor in some way.

“So, because he is almost like a face of the Bachelor, he represents the Bachelor in so many ways. I don’t want to see him end it that way. I think he’s a better person than that because I genuinely think he’s a good person.

“I want to be proud of Chris. I want to see growth in him.”

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