Blackmagic’s new Pro Pocket Cinema Camera 6K adds back the tilt screen

Blackmagic new Pro Pocket Cinema Camera 6K featured

Blackmagic’s Pro Pocket Cinema Camera 6K’s has had an upgrade with the 6K Pro version. This newest camera comes with some of the original features—including 13 stops of dynamic range—and welcomes a few new enhancements, such as a tilt-screen with 1,500 nits of brightness.

Let’s explore some more of Blackmagic’s Pro Pocket Cinema Camera 6K highlights and how its specifications compare to its predecessor.

Pro Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

Pro Pocket Cinema Camera 6K with its tilt-screen

Introducing the new tilted screen

If you’re a budding photographer, you want to see exactly what you’re shooting via the camera’s screen, and you’ve probably used a camera with a tilted screen before. This is why Blackmagic decided to bring back a tilted HDR LCD screen that portrays your scenery on the display. In fact, its viewfinder has a 70° of swivel and comes in four different types of eyecups, accommodating the right and left eye. This enhancement might be incredibly helpful when capturing low-angle shots.

Keep the screen brightness at 50%, and it’ll provide 60 minutes of recording time. In fact, the 6K Pro features a bigger NP-F570 battery that lasts up to 15 minutes longer than the Blackmagic 6K camera.

Moreover, this upgraded camera features a viewfinder connector on the top of the camera. This allows you to attach an optional viewfinder, which deems itself useful for sunny afternoons.

Blackmagic's Pro Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

Blackmagic’s Pro Pocket Cinema Camera 6K in use

Highlights of the 6K Pro camera

The newest 6K Pro camera boasts two, four, and six stop ND filters, which is great for when you’re shooting outsides in the sunlight. And these filters keep out optical and IR wavelengths for improved image and video quality.

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Moreover, the 6K Pro camera boasts two mini XLR audio inputs, whereas the 6K version only has one input. What does this mean for photographers and videographers? You can now record two separate audio tracks. And it still includes the original inputs: a full-sized HDMI, USB-C, and microphone and headphone input.

In summary, there are many similarities between the 6K and 6K Pro camera—such as the handgrip, white balance settings, sensor, and more. While these specifications haven’t been upgraded, the tilted camera provides a new dynamic and experience when you’re shooting. You’ll love the sense of ease and usability you receive in analyzing your shots in real-time.

Get your hands on the 6K Pro from the official website for $2,495. It’s great for close-ups and outdoor shots in the summer. Is this something you’d like to purchase? Let me know your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

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