Gemma Collins’ most bizarre confessions from wanting an alien baby to wishing for a lifetime supply of loo roll

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SHE’S one of Towie’s biggest stars, and Gemma Collins has never held back when it comes to discussing her personal life.

And while the 40-year-old star is far from secretive, she still knows how to shock with outrageous revelations, most recently saying she doesn’t ever wear the same pair of underwear twice.

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Gemma only wears her underwear once, because she doesn’t like how they feel after they’ve been washed[/caption]

From getting through 365 pairs of pants a year, to harbouring a secret alien aspiration, Sun Online takes a closer look at Gemma’s most bonkers assertions.

‘You ain’t getting my underwear honey’

Gemma stated that she doesn’t wear the same pair of pants twice because she doesn’t “like the way they feel after a wash”.

But that’s not the only underwear admission she’s made in recent years.

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The Towie star often gets requests for her used underwear[/caption]

Speaking on her BBC podcast, ‘repulsed’ Gemma previously said fans often ask for her used underwear.

The star explained: “The weirdest thing that people do ask me for is my underwear.

“It’s really disgusting and whoever you are, please don’t waste my time because you ain’t getting my underwear honey.”

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The 40-year-old star doesn’t hold back – but even her biggest fans are often surprised by her revelations

‘I hope I end up with the aliens’

Gemma’s always expressed a desire to settle down and have kids at some point.

While many would assume she’s hoping for a family with on-off love James Argent, they might be mistaken…

Speaking on The Gemma Collins Podcast, Gemma revealed she’d like it if she was impregnated by an alien.

She told listeners: “I’m not convinced still that I’m a human, I feel like I’m an extraterrestrial somedays.

“I hope I end up with the aliens and I end up with a little alien baby!”

Getty Images – Getty

Gemma once said she’d like to end up with an ‘alien baby’[/caption]

‘No one’s ever peed on me’

Whether someone has ever urinated on you or not is not a statement many people would feel they need to make – but it was something Gemma felt the need to clarify.

While on the Celebrity Big Brother, Gemma was disgusted to discover fellow contestant Chanelle McCleary urinated in the hot tub next to her.

Speaking to Ellie Young after the incident, Gemma simply declared: “No babe, it ain’t my style – no one’s ever peed on me.

“They wouldn’t have the cheek to do it.”

‘It’s just one big fat lie’

Despite claiming she’d made a Kim K style sex tape that she wanted to sell for £1million, Gemma recently backtracked – and revealed it was completely made up.

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Gemma once claimed she’d made a ‘Kim K style sex tape’ – before later admitting it was ‘one big fat lie’[/caption]

Speaking on Dave’s new comedy show Unforgivable she revealed: “There is no sex tape. It’s just one big fat lie.”

Previously, speaking on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, Gemma said: “Well course, I might go skint one day, and I’ve gotta do a Kim K. Do you know what? Sex sells.

“It’s probably about 20 minutes long, but we’ve all done it with our
partners, you know. I’m normal.

“I’d like to set up a pay-to-view line where they ring in, I take
£1.50 on the phone call and then £3 or a fiver to watch the thing, so
I’d be cashing in myself but I don’t know if that’s possible.”

Lifetime supply of loo roll

She may be known as a diva but actually some of Gemma’s demands are incredibly mundane – including her dream to have a lifetime supply of bog roll.

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Like many, Gemma finds the experience of running out of loo roll a problem[/caption]

Speaking on her show Gemma Collins Diva Espana in 2018, she said: “My nephew asked me what I’d like for Christmas. I said a life time supply of toilet rolls because I’d been so busy recently the amount of times I’ve gone in there and been caught short.

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“The more famous I become, the more normal I need things around me.”

She also revealed last year, as the country struggled with toilet paper shortages, that she would happily turn to nature as a solution.

She said: “I’d happily go into the woods, should I need to, and get some leaves if it comes to it and I’d wipe myself with the leaves from Mother Nature…I have no issue with that.”

‘Nothing better than cornflakes and hot milk’

She can afford the most high-end food in the world, but Gemma’s favourite snack is more down to earth than caviar or oysters.

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In an admission that is sure to divide fans, Gemma revealed she loves nothing more than cornflakes and hot milk[/caption]

“There’s nothing better than cornflakes with hot milk,” she told The Guardian. “It’s my Sunday treat. They taste so much better when the cornflakes have gone all squidgy. The hot milk relaxes me, so I normally have a little snooze after.”

In the same interview, Gemma also revealed she has a team of cleaners and hasn’t made her own bed in ten years.

‘I love watering hanging baskets’

Despite her diva persona, Gemma recently revealed she has some far simpler pleasures and loves nothing more than a bit of gardening.


The star loves nothing more than being outside, doing some gardening[/caption]

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“Although I’m Gemma Collins I’ve [also] got my brand, the GC. Gemma Collins is a homely girl who loves watering hanging baskets,” she said on CBBC series Celebrity Supply Teacher.

“The GC, which is my brand, is basically a character that’s over the top that people either love her or hate her, but on the back of her I’ve managed to launch perfumes and lipsticks.”

She might be unpredictable but one thing is for sure – the GC is going to continue to entertain her fans for years to come.

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