Inside Married At First Sight Australia Nicolas Jovanovic’s home with huge swimming pool and cute boxer dog


MARRIED At First Sight Australia’s Nicolas Jovanovic has revealed his stunning home with a huge swimming pool and his adorable boxer dog.

Nic – who stars in the show first filmed in Australia in 2018 but airing now in the UK – lives in Newcastle, New South Wales where he can lap up the Aussie sunshine in his stunning garden complete with a massive pool.


Nicolas Jovanovic can lap up the Aussie sunshine in his stunning garden[/caption]

Nic, 30, married Cyrell Paule, 31, on the show but after a series of explosive rows throughout the experiment they decided to call it quits.

The pair amicably parted ways after a tumultuous six-week marriage but it looks like Nic has put the past behind him as he chills out in his fancy pad with his beloved Boxer dog Buddy.

The reality star regularly shares snaps of him enjoying the benefits of a big garden with outdoor decking and garden loungers.

Although electrician Nic didn’t find love on the show, he has since become a social media influencer working with brands thanks to his growing Instagram following since the show.


Nic is proud of his gaming toys[/caption]


He can relax by the pool and enjoy some nostalgia hits[/caption]

When he is not working hard the star also spends time in the gym showing off his toned body.

Nic has every avid gamer’s paradise with a room dedicated to playing video games.

Alongside a snap of Nic smiling surrounded by his gaming toys, he told fans he purchased a stand up desk because he is a massive “nerd”.

The gaming enthusiast wrote: “Today is my 29th Birthday!!! 🤸‍♂️🎂 So why not spoil myself with some toys?


Nic often shares snaps of his stunning garden[/caption]


The star has a room dedicated to gaming[/caption]

“For those of you who didn’t know, I am a massive nerd at heart! I have been playing video games since I was around 5 years old! 😯 Anyone else an avid gamer?”

He added: “I got myself a stand-up desk because in my spare time I like to spend hours playing games, doing my studies or streaming. The benefits of a stand up desk are endless.”

Nic shared a touching tribute to his ex-wife Cyrelle almost two years ago that recently went viral after their split was aired in the UK.

Nic shared the sweet post alongside a snap of the couple smiling, writing: “To my dearest ex wife Cyrell. 😂 Firstly, I want to thank you for sharing with me one of the most amazing and incredible experiences we will ever experience.


The star can enjoy a dip in his outdoor pool[/caption]

NINTCHDBPICT000635514554 2
Nic’s sweet tribute to his ‘ex-wife’ went viral almost two years after he shared it

“From the moment we met we were laughing, making jokes, taking the piss and ultimately having fun. It was a relief you were a bundle of fun from the start!”

He explained that “cherished” every moment of the experience and commended his wife for being “honest, loving and caring”.

Nic continued: “I know things weren’t always great between us. But I want you to know I cherished every moment we spent together; the good, bad and the cyclone. Haha.

“Yes that includes eating chicken feet, spilling wine in laughter or you staring into my butt. Haha.


Nic admits he is a ‘massive nerd’[/caption]

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He has even purchased a stand up desk[/caption]

“I am so grateful to have met you Cyrell! You are genuine, caring, loving, honest and most of all beautiful.

“The way you put people you care about first before you worry about yourself is truly amazing. You have this really hard exterior, yet the inside is so full of love.

“You always have everyone’s back (who deserves it). You are an amazing judge of character and I applaud you for that.”

The couple, who shared a happier times at the beginning of the experiment, were sadly unable to work through their marital problems.


The electrician enjoys spending time with his cute boxer dog Buddy[/caption]


The reality star is still single since the show ended[/caption]

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Nic added: “I just want to wish you all the very best in life and everything you do. Keep working hard, keep on laughing and keep on being you. You’re killing it. Even though you’re on your P’s… 😂

“Life is short and I just want you to know I will always care for you and will always have a spot for you. Sending you lots of love and well wishes now in your new life as a happily divorced woman! From Diamond Demon. ❤❤❤ .”

The tradesman has remained single since the experiment but Cyrell, a former healthcare assistant, has settled down with Love Island Australia star Eden Dally, and welcomed their baby boy Boston in February 2020.

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